ChronoBlade – The Multiplayer Mobile Game


ChronoBlade is a new phone game from nWay with MMO features and a phenomenal and extensive system that looks great on both tablets and phones.

The main premise of the game’s story is that there are 4 different dimensions with 4 different main characters. Each character is a different class in the game, all that have different ability trees and skills available to them. They each have two different skill trees that have different attributes, for example, one character has one tree that is more melee-based than the other one. The story is episodic with currently 5 chapters available at launch in Ragnarok, the main world of the first epoch. There will be other worlds that will have their own epochs added on in the future.

The game is completely in 3D, but plays more like a Streets of Rage game with side-scrolling, sequential game-play. Stieg, the Vice President of Creative at nWay, was a part of Diablo 1 and 2 and his influences can definitely be felt in the armor and character models. I think the coolest thing about the armor is that you get to see it being put onto your character in real time. Gotta get those Fashion Souls, kids! There is also a kind of card-like aspect where you can fuse together armor if you don’t want to make the armor that you’re using stronger.

The game-play itself is smooth, fast, and all the buttons are in the right place. All of the characters have different move-sets, but on the right there is a regular attack button with light and heavey attacks, a block, a jump and a dash attack move (from the character that we demoed). On the right of the screen is the joystick, that you can move around in a circular-motion in order to move up, down, and etc. The other thing about the stages and doing combos in the game is that you get points for everything you kill, combo, and destroy. At the end of the level, all the points are added and the difficulty and time it took you to complete the level are taken into consideration, and in total, determine your reward. The reward at the end comes in the form of three cards that have items, armor or gold on them and they shuffle. You can use in-game currency to boost the quality of the item as well.

from nway’s twitter

From what I played, the response from the button presses on the screen were fast, accurate, and everything ran smoothly. I can see the frames dropping off a little bit if playing on an older iOS or Andriod model when there is too much on the screen, but the game seems optimized enough for this to be a minor problem. The combo system was nice and there was enough variety to your skills to where it didn’t feel like you could ‘press-button-to-win’ (unless you used the auto-attack button for grinding gear of materials of course).

There is also a strong multi-player aspect to ChronoBlade as well. Alongside the regular PVP matches that many mobile RPG games have, there is a guild system and a friends system in place. There is a fairly low level set for creating the guild, no minimum level for inviting friends into a guild and you are allowed up to a maximum of 50 people in a guild. Also, guild emblem hype. As for the friend system, you are able to pair the game with your Facebook in order to find friends, however there is no Facebook interface in place that said friends can play the game, only on their mobile device. The Facebook function is to merely get your friends to play with you, but you don’t have to activate it if you don’t want to. There is no system in place to play with friends that are offline yet, but nWay is currently looking into figuring out a way around that. The good part is that this puts a huge emphasis on being online and playing with friends, co-op or PVP. To add to the emphasis of guilds and multi-player, nWay will have events in the game that open up the world to other areas that if completed promise to yield nice rewards for completing as a guild and individually.

There is a currency in the game that you can buy, despite the game itself being free. However the currency is only used for cosmetic items and items that speed up the processes of the game, EXP boosts, gold boosts, and etc. There is also armor chests that you can get that contains rare armor, however there isn’t any armor in the game that you can’t technically grind for. You also start out with only one character slot, but others can be bought with currency. The game gives you a significant amount by doing the main quest and completing tasks so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a second slot or a costume if you save up. We didn’t confirm what the ratio will look like but it should be a fairly standard rate.

from nway’s twitter

Overall, the game looks well put together and fleshed out in all the right ways to make you engaged with the PvP as well as the PvE and multi-player. The 3D models look great and I personally love anything that makes my character look more and more badass the more I level up. Living armor would be awesome too, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Regardless, the game will be awesome and I hope for a great release and a long life for it!

ChronoBlade has been in development for 3 and a half years with a team of 80 people launching in Korea just this past year and is slotted to release in China by the end of this year. The game is made to work on older iOS and Android models as well, such as the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy 2.

ChronoBlade will be on iOS and the Google Play Store in early 2016.

A huge thank you to Taehoon Kim and Stieg Hedlund for meeting with us. It was great to see your product and have a hands on experience with it!