Circa Infinity: Pixel Pusher or Fantastic Simplicity?


Circa Infinity is a very simple game with very simple pixel graphics. In fact, so far I’ve only seen three colors in the game: white, black, and red. The goal is to avoid the red enemies and get through the infinite number of circles in levels. If you touch an enemy, it’ll send you back to the previous circle.

With enemies that fly, run, transfer out of their original circles, and more, Circa Infinity has no end to its puzzles. You’ll need quick thinking, fast reflexes, and to remember your arrows make you go the opposite way if you’re on top of a circle rather than the bottom if you want to beat the game.

It’s not the kind of game you’d spend five hours trying to beat, but that’s fine, because not every game is meant to be that way. I’d categorize this more as the game you’d play waiting somewhere or if you need something to occupy your brain. In fact, I really hope I can get this on my Android or iPad. The game would be perfect for idle time at any given moment. I’d play Circa Infinity whenever I had time to kill.

With that being said, the game’s simplicity is its strength. I see myself going back to it between homework sessions the rest of this semester. Plus, it features a pretty rocking soundtrack. The menus feature great concentration music. The rock music makes you want to rush during levels, as if you’re obligated to quickly get through the circles even though there isn’t really a time limit. You can replay levels you’ve gotten to if you want to beat your personal best. Your best includes both your time and how many times you ‘died’.

In every sublevel of the 5 or 6 main levels, new enemies or enemy combinations appear. Every time the circle has a swirl, that means it will take you to the next level. You have to get your little pixel person to the next circle while avoiding anything red. As they say here in Florida, “Red and yellow will kill a fellow, but if he’s black just throw him back.” Though in this case, there’s no yellow and anything white is also safe to touch.

While the controls are simple (if a bit weird if you forget the arrows take you the opposite way when you’re at the top of a circle), the game does become fairly difficult. At first you might not break a sweat, but by the second half of the first level you might be feeling the heat. It might be helpful to not think left and right and think more clockwise and counter-clockwise. Both the up and down arrow keys as well as the space bar will make you jump, so be careful.

The concentration Circa Infinity requires keeps your mind sharpened while having fun. Circa Infinity encourages quick reflexes and focus.

Overall, I’d say Circa Infinity is a solid game despite and because of its simplicity. For more details on Circa Infinity, check out the official website and the store page on SteamCirca Infinity will be available on Steam on September 9, 2015.