A Close Look at Final Fantasy XV’s TGS Trailer


I know that this has already blown over with the internet already, but I wanted to put my take on the TGS Final Fantasy XV trailer after the dust settled. Yes, this is a late article, deal with it.

Among all the things that I want to talk about like Final Fantasy Type 0 HD or the lack of Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV still remains my one and only over-the-top-hyped game. My body is so ready. Or is it? I’ll probably start crying as soon as I see the title screen on my PS4 in the future, but we’re talking about the now, and right now I want to talk about this awesome trailer that TGS provided us with.

There is a lot going on in these short 2 and a half minutes. I had to watch it a couple of times myself just to take in all the information here. I will try and split up the video into sections as best as I can.

Story and Concept

The more I see about the locales in this game, the more I fall in love with them. The whole steampunk, industrial city that we saw in the early trailers was awesome, but now that we are actually seeing what is beyond those walls, and I’m more than impressed. Of course some of the things are very Final Fantasy-ish, with the large enemies and the vibrant colors and over-scaled monsters, but there is something very distinct about it as well. It might just be the better graphics of the PS4, but the world seems so alive and real. I thought you could reach out and touch Final Fantasy XIII’s environments, now I just want to jump right into the world of Final Fantasy XV.

ffxv_scr_06The story will come out more with the game of course, but I can see a kind of interaction with each of the characters throughout the travelling theme that seems to be developing. Of course, this could be only part of the game or even just a few hours, we don’t know yet. However, it does seem that some, if not most of the story will take place in the car. Conversely these car scenes could just be comedic relief or, as we saw in the video, small updates on what is happening in the capital with Noctis’ father. It does seem like you are able to swivel the camera around while viewing these scenes, but this is a minor detail that will probably be changed or is more of an option than anything. I do want to know why Noctis is going on a roadtrip while his father is in the capital  negotiating, seems like something he would want to stick around for, unless there was a threat on his life. Most likely everything has to do with Luna, the girl.

I have a running theory that the world of Final Fantasy XV is the ‘new world’ that Lightning in Lightning Returns was saving souls for, but years and years into the future after the world was created. I haven’t yet finished Lightning Returns but I know that all the Novella Crystalis storylines, Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy 12 trilogy and Final Fantasy XV, are all related in some form.

Battle System

This is the reason this game is taking so long. If the system is going to be remotely close to what I imagine it to be in this video, there is really no wonder why. It must be a programmer’s nightmare in there. From what you see in this TGS trailer, the battle system is reactive. If your character gets knocked down, the other characters help you up while simultaneously protecting you while the animation completes, Noctis will also interact and move around enemies dynamically, kind of like the little touches in Uncharted 3 where Drake touches the walls as he passes.

ffxv_scr_05In one of the first trailers showing gameplay for Final Fantasy XV there was a small part that showed the player taking control of the other characters in the party but from what I’ve seen in this trailer, why would you ever change characters? Seriously, Noctis is so badass, teleportation skills, multiple magical swords, sweet air combos, the list goes on. The only way I can see myself playing the other characters is if the game has certain enemies that are weak to certain types of attacks, pistols or heavy swords etc. This isn’t to say that I won’t try out all the characters, just that Noctis will most likely be the most played character even when ruling out the fact that he is the main focus in the game.

On the more technical side of things, the Head-up display (HUD) looks very minimalistic, with the earlier pictures of the characters in the bottom right being replaced with a simpler HP and name bar. If you’ll remember before, there was also a portion of the bottom left that was taken up that showed the magic and which current sword Noctis was on. Maybe you’ll be able to change this around or it was a detail that hasn’t been added to this part of the game just yet. Either way it looks like it won’t take up all of the screen much like I felt Final Fantasy XIII’s did.


The potential that this game has is unreal. It could really change the way I see games and play games in the future. We’re going to have to wait a little bit longer as the game is only 55% done, here’s to hoping that the last percent goes smoothly and relatively fast. Otherwise, the story looks like it’ll be a more political and grown-up one, which I personally love. With any trailer out there, we’ll have to see more, but there is enough in this video to make me really excited to see how far everything goes.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on PS4 sometime in 2015. 


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  • This game looks ssssooooooo dope!!!! Great article, Char!

  • Alexis Urquizo

    CHAR!!! Sooo can’t wait to see for myself! … I wonder how long the game will be…. and hope they have fun side quests..and yes great article ^_^ !