How to Cope With a Gamer Life Crisis: A Retrospective


Do you recall a time when you played so many games at a time and still consistently kept up with new games coming out? A time when games were such a vital part of your life that they came to surface in most of your conversations? I remember those days too. Somewhere along the way, I was greeted with a phase that most older gamers loathe about – the gamer’s life crisis, or a gaming drought. It’s similar to a mid-life crisis just with video games being the focal point.

This phase involves getting tired of playing the games that once made you smile. It also brings with it that looming feeling that every game looks and plays the same. Perhaps this is just one of the many phases one is fated to endure at least once in their gaming career. Could it be that I’m outgrowing games? Maybe I’m just outgrowing that stage where games effect my emotions. Whatever the case may be, going through a gaming depression is never an enjoyable experience – especially if a majority of your social life revolves around it.

boredgameUnfortunately, there is no definite answer or solution on how to snap out of it. In my opinion, you just have to ride it out until you are able to embrace the gaming aspect of your life again. At the very least, you can wait until your favorite types of games resurface.

In my personal experience, I find myself gathering games that give me a rush or keep me occupied in a fantasy world. Lately, games seem to focus on graphics rather than fantastical stories like they did in the past. I believe that if games thought more outside of the box, it might help some of us old school gamers get out of our droughts. It’s sad to say, but for now, I’m stuck.

Hopefully, when your inevitable gamer life crisis hits, you’ll be more prepared for it than I am. I think a Final Fantasy 7  remake or me reuniting with an old classic story would rekindle the flame I once had with gaming.

Have you endured a gaming drought or gone through a gamer life crisis? What helped you get on your feet? Do you think this happens more often than not?

Share your tips in the comments.

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Growing up with her big brother being a hardcore gamer, Emerald has been playing games as long as she could remember. She enjoys RPG’s and discovered the love for them after playing Chrono Trigger on the SNES. During her high school years, she looked forward to gaming on her PlayStation after finishing homework rather than hanging out with friends. Hence, this is when she discovered her true love for gaming and the gaming community. She’s a comical gamer, with a touch of randomness, who has a passion for media and writing. Overall, she enjoys the thrill of playing a game that captivates her attention and drives her to keep playing it until the end. Give her a game with an amazing story and awesome soundtrack, she’s content.
  • Trust me, girl…I understand more than anyone lol. I’ll tell you what you do. Go indie.

    Get into indie games. They’re modern games that have the soul of older games. Because many of them are made on a modest to low budget, they’re pure fun and no fluff.

  • Haku_U

    I’m going through a gaming drought, too. Nothing seems to do it for me right now. Not GTA 5, not Pokemon X or Y, nothing. I’m thinking about just taking a break until that ONE game comes that’ll bring me joy.

  • Honestly no, I can’t say that I’ve felt this way. However, if you don’t feel much interest in what’s going on currently in gaming, there are plenty of games that have come out on previous systems that you could definitely try out. I’ve done that many times before, and in a lot of cases, I’m glad that I waited on certain games. You could also like Nia said, definitely look at indie games and you might find one that holds your attention.

  • I haven’t had this to the extent some people have but when this happens, and I find myself all gamed out for a while I’ll resort to doing something else that I love like watching anime or grinding in an MMO while listening to a podcast. I make the rounds with all my other activities and find myself winding up with video games again with a renewed vigor to play all the ones I have on the backlog XD