Praise The Sun: Dark Souls III Is Here!


The day has finally come to once again praise the sun. My most anticipated game, Dark Souls III is finally here. I am somewhat new to the Souls series, with my journey beginning about a year ago when I decided to try Bloodborne. After becoming completely obsessed with that game, I decided to explore more of the Souls library with playing Dark Souls II and then Dark Souls. I really enjoyed my time with those games and instantly became aware of why this series is so special. The challenge and reward that this series brings, reminds me of how it all began when I first picked up a controller. To fail over and over, and then finally succeed is why I love and appreciate this series so much. Now, here I am playing Dark Souls III and I couldn’t be happier.

In the video below, is my first impression of Dark Souls III. Without any spoilers, I dive into my first initial thoughts and criticism about the story, graphics, boss fights, and overall feelings about the game. I also make mention of the Bloodborne influences in this game, as they are clearly visible and very much welcomed. Think of Dark Souls III as Dark Souls at its core, with a beautiful Bloodborne coat of paint.

This is not a review and my opinions are subject to change, but I wouldn’t bet on it. This game is very special and I think it will make a lot of Soulsborne fans happy. Dark Souls III is both challenging and rewarding which is truly what a videogame is meant to be.

Do you have Dark Souls III? What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know!

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