Destiny Beta Incoming: What Does Some Of The Community Want



It’s less than 24 hours away before PlayStation gamers get to experience Destiny once again but this time with more content! After E3, Bungie  decided to give the PlayStation 4 gamers a chance to try Destiny first in its Alpha stage for only one week.

At first I had no clue exactly what Destiny was and I think the guys at Bungie Studios got that hint as well. The game was mostly getting hype off of their name alone but to me that wasn’t enough. I have never been a fan of their beloved franchise: Halo, so I was skeptical that Destiny might just be another carbon copy but I was wrong. The First Look Alpha on PS4 gave me and other gamers a sense of what Destiny has to offer and how it sets itself apart from its baby Halo.

Destiny is unlike any other game I have ever played because it mixes campaign, Co-Op,  and Multiplayer seamlessly. During the alpha, there were not many hiccups but it did leave me with more questions though I did get a lot of answers. Destiny is Destiny. It is its own game but like every alpha or beta, there are problems that can be fixed and also things that can be added to the final build of the game. So, PlayStation gamers will be Bungie’s first test rats this week starting July 17 and later Xbox 360 and Xbox One users will join the beta. For this article, I went looking into what  some of the community or just gamers in general wanted fixed or added to the new Destiny First Look Beta.

List of fixes or add ons for Destiny Beta:

1.Higher Level Cap for each player (At least level 25 to 30)

2. More PVP Maps

3. Ability to explore with more Fireteams

4. Weapon Creation

5. More in-depth look at the Campaign

6. The ability to add abilities to weapons

7. Clan System

8. Banking System

9. The ability to trade weapons or items with team members 

10. More PVP Modes other than Control

11. Some types of Death Race Matches since Vehicles were introduced

12. An online store where you can sell items or weapons to players.

13. A dog fighting PVP mode with the ships

14. More exploration of the planets and more creation from customizing characters.


Out of this list of wants for the beta,  I agree with the majority. The clan system is a really huge want for a game of this size. I’ve always wondered why developers seemed to forget that players like this feature, especially if  you don’t like running with random players a lot. Another thing that I want to see is how will the different modes, level design for the multiplayer maps, and planets vary. And lastly, Bungie please don’t cap the game at level 8 again. Give gamers at least a level 20 to 30 range. I felt so hurt when monsters were at level 11 and I couldn’t do a thing to kill them. I also wasn’t able to pick up level 20 armor and weapons. As for fixes, I felt like the voice chat could have been a little better. I also felt like they could tweak the hit detection and heavy ammo drop off in the PVP matches.

So what are you looking forward to being in the Beta this time around?

Sound off in the comment section below.

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  • saiyanknight87

    I’m all for this woman! especially trading so you can help your lower level homies if they just began on Destiny.

  • I’m so happy Erica snagged some PS3 codes lol. I hope to play this this weekend. I always wanted to play Halo with a dualshock lol. Thank you, Based Bungie!

  • JackOfAllBlades

    Well for starters number 1 isn’t going to happen because the full game has a level cap of 20, so 25 to 30 definitely isn’t going to happen. Unless they changed their minds.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    It is a soft level cap, you can see many levels in trailers go beyond 20

  • Jaleesa Foster

    Yep that’s a great one

  • Jaleesa Foster

    It’s not halo girl believe me lol