Destiny Gameplay Hype!


Bungie just released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi third person shooter, Destiny.

What drew me to the game when it was first announced was the art style. Like many people, I have to like how the game’s characters and setting might look before I think about even getting the game. Destiny hit me right in my artsy gut with the vast landscapes of the different planets and the character designs looking like a cross between rouges in Mass Effect and Halo characters. While I’m not an avid player of many sci-fi games, I love the depth that they provide. For example, my favorite world in the Star Wars universe is Coruscant, where the city itself probably stands three times higher than Mt. Everest. The amount of depth and space that the sci-fi genre gives has always fascinated me, and Destiny was no exception.

As the video above said, it will be playable at E3, so all you lucky E3-goers have a chance to catch this awesome game in action! In this new trailer three classes are represented: a sniper class with a pistol, a heavy gunner and a rifle or machine gun class. All of them look like they would have advantages, but they would work even better if all teams of characters were like this. I’m interested to see how in multiplayer people get matched up, although it’s highly unlikely that Bungie will have a system that allows all of the same class to be on a team. This could lead to balancing issues, but we’ll see when the beta comes around.

The setting in the video is amazing, and I love the atmosphere that it creates. I tend to look up at tall buildings or structures in games, but I’ll be doing it a lot more in this one. I’m curious about the inner works of Destiny, but at the same time I couldn’t care less. The game looks awesome, and it is in good hands.


For someone who hasn’t played Halo (I didn’t have an Xbox), I’m excited to see what Bungie has to offer. When Destiny comes out in September you can be sure that I’ll be playing. Whether I play online with all the other scrubs or with friends, it’s sure to be a game that I won’t easily put down.

Destiny will be released worldwide on September 9th 2014. The beta for those who pre-ordered Destiny has not been given a specific date (summer 2014) but I expect it to be around the time of E3!


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