E3 2015: Drawn to Death is Really, Really Fun


During E3, I had the privilege of playing Drawn To Death, a free-to-play game coming soon by David Scott Jaffe and The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. Known for it’s unique art style, Drawn To Death is a third-person shooter that looks to bring something special to arena shooters, and I’m convinced it’s a sleeper hit in the making. What makes this game even more amazing is that it is going to be free-to-play!

Right off the bat I just want to say I had a blast playing Drawn To Death. It brings simplicity in game mechanics while letting the art style speak volumes of creativity. Being well experienced in third-person shooters, I felt Drawn To Death gave me a great balance between using my experience to my benefit while at the same time, giving me something fresh and new to learn. I was also very convinced the developers want to make a game the community wants, as the representative I talked to highly insisted that they pay attention to the forums on drawntodeath.com.


There are plenty of weapons to choose from in Drawn to Death, some of them with quirky names such as “Sexy Beast” and “America F— Yeah” which were pretty amusing. I enjoyed trying all of the different weapons, but I especially loved the Tommy Gun. It just fits the game so well and was really fun to use. “Fun” is the best word to describe this game. Of all the games I played at E3, Drawn to Death was one of the few that had me wanting to keep playing more for a very long time.


I’m eager to see the full version of Drawn to Death and if and how the community influences tweaks to the game. If you are into arena shooters, this game is definitely one you don’t want to sleep on. Drawn to Death doesn’t have a release date yet but is coming soon exclusively to the PS4.

What do you think about Drawn to Death? Is it a game you are interested in? Have you been lucky enough to play it? Tell us!

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