E3: Gears of War 4 Is Going Cross Play, Horde Mode Announced


Microsoft started its conference with a bang! Phil Spencer announced “Xbox Play Anywhere,” where gamers can play Microsft games across Xbox and PC platforms, sharing progress and Xbox achievements. Rod Fergusson of The Coalition followed up with announcing Gears of War 4 as one of the first titles on Xbox Play Anywhere. He went on to explain that every co-op will support cross play, including Horde 3.0 mode (finally announced)! This means that if you are on Xbox One, you can play with anyone on PC and vice versa.

Fergusson went on to showcase Gears of War 4 gameplay with the help of Laura Bailey, voice of Kait in the game. They demonstrated Co-Op on the Gears 4 campaign and it looked amazing. The weather in Gears of War 4 plays an immense part in the gameplay, as wind and lightening pushed and pulled parts of the environment. This can be used to the players benefit as the wind would push cars and pipes into enemies. The lightening was most impressive as it shot down and electrocuted the swarm and it was up to Rod and Laura to avoid it and make their way to the next objective. In short, it was very fun to watch and must be a blast to play.

“Out of the storm and into the swarm,” J.D. says as the characters make their way inside and he wasn’t kidding. Many parts of the walls and floors in the game have been taken over by the swarm and it effects gameplay as well. Cover is gory and easily broken down, and enemies use it to their benefit as does the player.

The gameplay shown also demonstrated the Buzzkill, a new weapon in the Gears of War universe. It shoots out disc like ammo that cuts through enemies, as well as cover. It looks like a great addition and fits Gears of War perfectly. I can’t wait to see more.

Gears of War 4 comes out October 13, 2016! There will also be a Gears of War Elite controller as well. Will you be there to fight the swarm? Let us know!

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