E3 Live Blog: Sony’s Press Conference


Sony’s press conference is bound to show us something very special at E3. Can’t watch it yourself? We’ve got you covered. Come hang out with us as we live blog the events and keep you up to date.

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People in the gaming community believe that women and gaming don’t mix well. Jaleesa Foster, AKA Crunkgirl711, challenges this statement and brings "hardcore female gamers" to the forefront. Hailing from the small town of Lancaster, SC, Jaleesa has taught many old school gamers that it doesn’t matter what sex you are; we are all gamers, we love our addictions, and we could care less what outsiders think. She’s an open-minded gamer with a special love for sports games like NBA 2K, NBA Live, and Madden to the Uncharteds, God of Wars, and the Infamous series. She is a dork, gamer, artist, and geek by destiny, not by choice. Yeah, she’s awesome. Enough said.