Em’s Top 3 Favorite Retro Villains


In honor of villain’s month, I will be discussing my top 3 favorite villains of all time. Since I do have quite a history with video games, my favorite villains all come from my past. Ironically they are all males, but they are probably the prettiest villains that have been introduced in video game history – or I could be exaggerating. Aside from level of attractiveness, they have rightfully earned their bad-boy reputations.


First up is one of the most well-known “bad guys” in Final Fantasy history: Sephiroth. Not only is he gorgeous, but his sword skills and abilities have evoked terror in the boldest of them in Final Fantasy 7. Give an example, you ask? Remember our very own hero, Cloud, who was very skilled yet questioned himself when it came to Sephiroth? Sephiroth has earned his title because of  his ability to maintain a calm demeanor in the most chaotic of situations. As terrorizing as he is, his greatest ally is his nonchalant attitude and disregard for human life. His super soldier strength gives players an adrenaline rush when forced to battle him. Call me crazy but the real reason I love this villain is because he shows no sign of weakness, even in death. As crazy as he is, his unique frosted hair seems to always look perfect in addition to his unique appearance.


2) Kefka Palazzo

Next Up, we have Final Fantasy’s version of The Joker, Kefka Palazzo. The most flamboyant, insane, witty, and comedic villain in the history of Final Fantasy. Although he made a debut earlier in the series, his behavior makes him timeless. As cheesy as it sounds, I would classify him the villain of unhappiness because he hates happiness, life, and anything that speaks hope. Being the psycho clown in Final Fantasy VI, players get to witness just how insane he is. Also known for his dark humor, Kefka’s trademark is his laugh. As a kid, I always remembered him because of his distinctive laugh and his ability to change forms during the final battle. While his appearance may fool you, he is as insane as he looks. In his moment, he lives beyond the name of villain because he lives to terrorize anything living, lacking empathy and remorse for the most heinous crimes. His main purpose is to cause absolute destruction and laugh in the process.


3) Pyramid Head

As we enter into the dark side of gaming, I would label this character one of the greatest villains of all time in horror game history. The Silent Hill series would not be the same in his absence; nothing can replace Pyramid Head. I question the reason behind the terror I feel when I see him in the game, but something about this villain creeps me out. Perhaps it’s his ability to inflict psychological damage on anyone without uttering one word that has deemed him one of my favorite antagonist of all time in gaming history. In addition to his dark appearance, extremely dangerous sword, and consistency in remaining silent, he is the alpha enemy in Silent Hill. Who else can quietly lurk in dark hallways and cause the greatest of fear in other enemy characters, while carrying a huge pyramid on their head?



As my top three list of favorite villains, I can gather one theme among them all: they are calmly insane and destructive characters, with Kefka being the craziest of them all, Pyramid Head being the creepiest, and Sephiroth being the strongest.

Who are your favorite villains of all time? Share in the comments below.

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