Endless Legend 4X Strategy Game Early Access

Endless Legend, from Amplitude Studios, is a Fantasy 4X strategy game with turn-based gameplay set in the Endless Space universe. It’s a sequel to Dungeons of the Endless and the prequel to Endless Space. Endless Legend is similar to Sid Meier’s Civilization because you first expand the land and have to explore the area to find and exploit resources to then create and flourish an empire. You exterminate with custom abilities and units your enemies or use them to defend your own empire from other factions.


We are an Endless Legend…

Auriga, a dying world with extremely long and harsh seasons, has new inhabitants trying to survive by building an empire. These are the descendants of the prisoners who crashed on Auriga that were inhabiting the dungeons but these descendants soon emerged on to the planet’s surface to populate it. Auriga hosts several factions that want control of it – 8 major ones and 8-10 minor ones. But which will be the victor and will the planet sustain their people long enough to finally have a ticket to the next fruitful world?


How can a Sid Meier’s Civilization fan enter into the world of Endless Legend?

Just like in the Civilization series, your first movement is that of exploring your immediate area. You explore for an enriched resource land to build your empire on. You then create military units to protect your land and empire or to explore and learn or explore and conquer. Learn science and technology to enhance weapons and strategy. Learn to use the resources found to feed your people and built up wealth. When you conquer other villages, you can rebuild and develop the village of your own likeness.


The Endless Features

There are various ways to customize your experience in Endless Legend: with factions, 3D hexagonal worlds, and individual heroes and units. Other features that Endless Legend has: Heroes and Quests, season adapting, real marketplace for purchasing troops, items, food, science, etc, deep economic system, multiplayer in real-time, and more.


These Boots Were Made For Walking…

Endless Legends randomly generates worlds and quests that you can explore on a regular basis. You can also customize the size, topography and more to create your own world to explore. You can hire, equip and train your heroes for military or government positions. When it comes to your enemies, it’s an in-depth turn-based battle system, you can equip your unit, assign abilities, and use the terrain for a perfect strategy.


Stay tuned for my Endless Legend Game Preview coming this week.



Check out the Endless Legend page at Amplitude Studios.