EU Summer Split Week 1, Day 3 Wrap Up


Game 1 – Gambit Gaming vs Alliance

Projected Winner:  Alliance ~ 61.6% of the viewer vote

Picks and Bans


Alliance’s Blood Thirst Pays Off for a Win

At the start of the game, Darien being out of position gave Alliance First Blood. From there, the Alliance strategy seemed to be farm champions, not objectives. Alliance seems to have the strategy to make Jax a non factor as in back to back games, Alliance has neutralized whoever is on Jax.

There was some worry during the mid game though. Alliance showed their indecision as they repeatedly handed Dragon after Dragon to Gambit. After Gambit would secure an objective, Alliance’s answer was to chase down a Gambit player to secure a kill. Surely, just being up in kills wouldn’t give them the win though, right? Then there were the back to back Baron baits that ended in nothing.

However, the power of the Alliance came in their team comp. Having Wickd on a massive Shyvana that could Dragon’s Descent into Gambit Gaming while having Morgana’s Black Shield on him was too much. Pair that with the AOE slow of Randuin’s Omen’s active and the knock up from Lulu’s Wild Growth and you had a really strong engage for Tabzz on Twitch to clean up with Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat allowed Alliance to convert team fights into Baron and the eventual win.

Game VOD


Gambit Gaming: 7K/25D/20A

Darien: 0.5 KDA w/ 202CS
Diamond: 1.5 KDA w/ 160CS
NiQ: 1.16 KDA w/ 298CS
Genja: 5 KDA w/ 337CS
EDward: 0.8 KDA w/ 63CS


Alliance: 25K/7D/73A

Wickd:  8.5 KDA w/316CS
Shook: 19 KDA w/ 130CS
Froggen: 16 KDA w/ 315CS
Tabzz: 20 KDA w/ 280CS
Nyph: 10.5 KDA w/ 19CS

Winner: Alliance


Game 2 – Fnatic vs Copenhagen Wolves

Projected Winner:  Fnatic ~ 84.78% of the viewer vote

Picks and Bans


Fnatic Dominates the Wolves

Doubtful eyes had been casted onto the Fnatic squad these past two days of Super Week. In both their games against SK Gaming and Alliance, Fnatic just didn’t look like the team has been dominating EU LCS since its creation. The win for Fnatic started in picks and bans. The Wolves left open Twitch which was quickly snatched up for Rekkles to play. YoungBuck also made the questionable decision to play Vladimir.

Fnatic displayed their thirst for a win in their early jungle invade which they were able to convert into First Blood. From their, Rekkles and Cyanide went on a tear. This game was a relative to stomp, as the Vladimir pick contributed nothing for the Wolves. Rekkles on Twitch consistently melted his opponents. And xPeke did xPeke things on Leblanc. Hopefully, this game marks Fnatic waking up from whatever haze they were in their first two games.

Game VOD


Fnatic: 23K/3D/44A

sOAZ: 12 KDA w/ 235CS
Cyanide: 13 KDA w/ 108CS
xPeke: 10 KDA w/ 264CS
Rekkles: 17 KDA w/ 219CS
YellOwStaR: 15 KDA w/ 24CS

Copenhagen Wolves: 3K/23D/6A

Youngbuck:  0.16 KDA w/236CS
Airwaks: 0.4 KDA w/ 100CS
cowTard: 0.4 KDA w/ 221S
Woolite: 0.25 KDA w/ 207CS
Unlimited:  1 KDA w/ 36CS

Winner: Fnatic

Game 3 – Millenium vs Gambit Gaming

Projected Winner:  Gambit Gaming ~ 56% of the viewer vote

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Darien Swag isn’t Enough to Stop Kerp and Millenium

We saw how good Kerp can be on Ziggs in his games against the Copenhagen Wolves and the Supa Hot Crew. We saw him play a fairly solid Kayle versus Roccat. In Millenium’s match against Gambit, we found out Kerp is also a really good Leblanc.

Opting not to build the early burst build of Deathfire Grasp like most players, Kerp went with Athene’s Holy Grail and Zhonya’s Hourglass. This very defensive build made Kerp a nightmare for Gambit as he popped in and out of fights taking chunks out of carries and tanks alike and ending the game Legendary.

If you can pick up Kerp, Kev1n, or Kottenx for you Fantasy LCS team, I would do so before everyone else catches on.

Game VOD


Millenium: 20K/6D/32A

Kev1n:  10 KDA w/225CS
Kottenx: 4.3 KDA w/ 105CS
Kerp: 15 KDA w/ 248CS
Creaton: 7 KDA w/ 286CS
Jree:  3.5 KDA w/ 10CS

Gambit Gaming: 6K/20D/6A

Darien: 0.5 KDA w/ 208CS
Diamond: 0.8 KDA w/ 123CS
NiQ: 0.2 KDA w/ 254CS
Genja: 1.5 DA w/ 272CS
EDward: 0.5 KDA w/ 56CS

Winner: Millenium


Game 4 – Roccat vs Fnatic

Projected Winner: Fnatic ~ 67% of the viewer vote

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Overpow Not Showing Up for Team Fights Gives Fnatic the Win

This game should have went to Roccat. Fnatic was getting out played all across the map. VandeR on Thresh was a nightmare for the Fnatic bot lane. At one point, the game was 7-1 in Roccat’s favor. They lost a fight in mid lane when sOAZ had an amazing out of nowhere Dragon’s Descent.  But that wasn’t enough as Roccat later conver that fight into a Baron.

But two back to back fights without Overpow’s hyper carry Kayle allowed Fnatic to use the power of Shyvana, Lulu, and Morgana to carry them to victory. However, watching the match you can easily see this was a game Roccat lost, not one Fnatic won.

Game VOD


Roccat: 11K/11D/24A

Xanus:  3.5 KDA w/ 300CS
Jankos: 1.5 KDA w/ 169CS
Overpow: 10KDA w/ 427CS
Celaver: 3 KDA w/ 388CS
VandeR:  2 KDA w/ 68CS


Fnatic: 11K/11D/35A

sOAZ: 2 KDA w/ 418CS
Cyanide: 5 KDA w/ 159CS
xPeke: 3.6 KDA w/ 334CS
Rekkles: 5.5 KDA w/ 402CS
YellOwStaR: 5 KDA w/ 33CS

Winner: Fnatic

Game 5 – Supa Hot Crew vs SK Gaming

Projected Winner:  SK Gaming ~81% of the viewer vote

Picks and Bans



Game VOD


Supa Hot Crew: 13K/18D/38A

Mimer: 4 KDA w/ 267CS
Impaler: 2 KDA w/ 110CS
Selfie: 3.6 KDA w/ 411CS
MrRalleZ: 6 KDA w/ 427CS
wewillfailer: 1.7 KDA w/ 35CS


SK Gaming: 18K/13D/46A

Fredy122: 5 KDA w/ 325CS
Svenskeren: 13 KDA w/ 163CS
Jesiz: 4.6 KDA w/ 303CS
CandyPanda: 2.75 KDA w/ 359CS
nRated: 5.5 KDA w/ 87CS

Winner: SK Gaming

  • Aaron Fenemor

    another great review, really like being able to read this, as most of the EU games start at 2 or 3am my time.
    Also glad I picked up Kev1n in both my drafts 😀