Evolve: First Look at Gameplay!


Evolve is a Co-Op first and 3rd-person shooter created by Turtle Rock Studios, the makers of Left 4 Dead.

I first heard about Evolve, right here on SheAttack when Krystal introduced Evolve in her article, Evolve: New Co-Op Game from Left 4 Dead Creators. Since then, I have had my eye on this game and I am really looking forward to it’s release. Today, a first look at gameplay has surfaced and it does not disappoint!

The multiplayer experience in Evolve looks to deliver something unique and special. Think of it as 4-Player Co-Op in a boss battle, only the boss is a real player. Like the Turtle Rock Studios developer says in the video, the monster “may be your friend or some guy online.”

Goliath, the monster shown in the video, embodies his name with his size and grows bigger and “gets more powerful as time goes on.” The 4-player team each have a specific role: assault, medic, trapper, and support. They have one job: bring the monster down and as quick as possible. The longer the beast is alive and feeds, the more he evolves into an even more powerful monster!

Goliath isn’t alone as the only monster either. Scrolling through the comments of the video, I saw this comment from the official Evolve YouTube channel confirming more than one monster to choose from in the game.

evolvecommentI’ve got to admit, Evolve is starting to become my most anticipated game of this year. Being a gamer that was heavy into Gears of War last generation, a Co-Op shooter with this unique gameplay has my full attention. Even some of the characters in Evolve remind me a little of Gears of War, which of course isn’t a bad thing. Dizzy, anyone?

evovleeeThis game has me excited and I can’t wait to play it.  A fresh take on shooters is something the gaming community may need. With all of the constant Call of Duty and Battlefield comparisons gamers give to new shooters, Evolve can truly stand alone and evolve the shooter genre.

Evolve is due to release this fall for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It will also make an appearance at Pax East this spring! SheAttack will be there to experience this game hands on so stay tuned right here at SheAttack for all the latest details! To pre-order Evolve, click here!

Are you anticipating Evolve? What are you looking forward to most about this game? Let us know!

Sources: Gamespot

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  • This looks dope af, Erica! I’m a coward so I’ll be watching my sisters (ya’ll) play it from the sidelines with popcorn in tow lol.

  • I have to say, this game really does intrigue me now. I’m always up for trying out something new and fresh in gaming. The thing I really like about this is that the monster is also player controlled, which I feel brings a new dynamic to the game because there’s no computer AI to figure out, like with a lot of boss battles. This is definitely on my ‘look out for’ list for this year!

  • I’m really hype for this game!