Evolve Officially Delayed Until 2015


It is official: Evolve has been delayed until Feb 10, 2015. Originally scheduled to release in October, Evolve was looking to be one of the highlight shooters of this year, but now we will have to wait even longer to get our hands on it.

I had a bad feeling this would happen too. With all of the delay’s we have seen so far this generation, I knew more were to come. I just kept hope that it wouldn’t be Evolve.  It was my most anticipated game this year and so this news comes as a major disappointment for me. Many such as myself were looking forward to Evolve, especially after it stole the show at PAX East earlier this year.

There is speculation as to why this happened and as I am writing this, many gamers in the community are reaching out to me saying they saw it coming from a mile away. Because Evolve just released an alpha for PC, some are thinking the game is too far behind and needs more time.  Others are upset at how this generation is coming along.  So far this generation, we have seen a handful of delays and remasters. The most recent remastered news came today with Capcom announcing a Resident Evil remastered.

“Where are the games?” is a question the community wants to know. That’s easy, they’re in 2015. All I know is I was really looking forward to Evolve and it’s a shame it has been delayed.  I love a great cooperative online experience and Evolve was scheduled to be my next obsession after Destiny. I hope it is worth the wait.

What do you think? Is there too many delays and remasters this generation? Let us know!

Source: Gamespot

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  • This actually bodes well for me. ::pets wallet::

  • This actually bodes well for me. ::pets wallet::

  • Drysden Filer

    considering how the game looked and played its no wonder why it was delayed. With generic gameplay lacking much depth and online only gameplay that was repetitive, this game was in dire need of a delay and more time to add some actual enjoyable elements.