Swiftly Learn About Fallout With These Facts


One of the greatest things about the Fallout series, aside from its exceptional and addicting gameplay, is its story. It’s what makes Fallout, Fallout. As you play through the newer games, you’ll probably stop to think about why did the world become a wasteland. Why are all of the vaults full of either dead people or psychopaths? And who the heck are all of the people who think they’re in charge? Here are some quick tips on what exactly happened in the past before, who created the vaults, the Pip-Boys, the robots, and details about these factions that seem to have the most influence.

The Resource Wars

As fossil fuels finally began to run out by the year of 2050, the Middle East significantly raised the price of oil causing the European Commonwealth to take military action by April 2052. The United Nations tried their best at attempting to keep the peace, yet slowly-but-surely, they failed and disbanded July of 2052. In 2059, America prepped their military to protect what was left of their own oil in Alaska. This lead to inevitable tensions with Canada. A year after the Middle East finally ran out of oil, the war between them and the European Commonwealth came to an end. By 2066, China invaded Alaska – turning it into a battleground. From there, was an intense war between the two along with a few protests and riots among Canadian citizens as the United States military had to continuously travel through their soil and use their resources for war. Eventually by 2075, Canada finally agreed to being annexed. By 2077, America had reclaimed Alaska after weakening the Chinese Forces. The Resource Wars lasted 25 years, but led into the Great War. Sidenote: If you ever get the chance, get your hands on the Ancorage DLC for Fallout 3 to experience the war between America and China.

The Great War

The Great War was the shortest war known to the Fallout world as it only lasted 2 hours. It is what lead to the wasteland we all know in Fallout. This happening on October 23, 2077, it is unknown as to who launched first, but nuclear weapons were launched by every country that was capable of doing so. It is stated that China launched first, but it is unknown if that is entirely true or not. Pennsylvania, New York, and then Massachusetts were the first states to be hit during these two hours. The Earth was no longer the same after the last bomb dropped. A dark silence shrouded the planet and the climate, a permanent scorching hot summer.

Vault Tec

Vault Tec was a private company, but allied closely to the U.S. Government – they were practically a division of the Government. Due to many nuclear fears in the Middle East, the United States began working on vaults in 2054. The United States Government contracted Vault Tec to begin Project Safehouse – Vaults. Before creating Vaults, Vault Tec was also known for creating advanced technology and was a major military contractor. They were known for intense experimental projects such as the FEV, and other biological projects that lead to the creation of Radroaches and Deathclaws.


As you probably already know, Vaults were meant and built to keep society safe behind impenetrable doors deep within the crust of the earth from nuclear destruction. However, there was a deeper meaning behind just protecting humanity. There are over 400,000 million Americans which would mean 400 vaults would need to be created. However, the United States Government only asked for 122 across the country. These 122 vaults were made for pre-selected citizens to be experimented on. Of course these were inhumane experiments that the future vault dwellers
were completely unaware of. Here is a short list of experiments:

  • Psychoactive Drugs being pumped into oxygen system (Vault 106)
  • Extended use of Virtual Reality (Vault 112, and great one to visit)
  • A vault full of clones (Vault 108)
  • F.E.V experiments. (Vault 87)



The Forced Evolutionary Virus was originally developed during the resource wars as an answer to the biological weapons that the Chinese military were using. It was meant to help create super humans that were obviously stronger and had impassible immune systems meant to block out any biological attacks. However, as seen in Fallout, it lead to the creation of Super Mutants and Centaurs when experiments failed horribly. Although, there are few Super Mutants with common sense that do not kill on sight and are, infact, quite sociable and helpful when possible.


Created to replace humans before the Great War, these intimidating creatures, that are mutated Jackson’s chameleons, can no longer camouflage due to the mutations of capable cells. They were also experimented with the FEV. They are incredibly strong and fast creatures. While in the Waste they are normally wild creatures, they can also be controlled by humans with the right technology, as seen in Fallout 3. In Fallout New Vegas, you can fight a family of Deathclaws and steal their eggs for a delicious Deathclaw omelet.


A highly political and militarized group, the Enclave is made up of the descendants of the U.S. Government before the Great War. Despite the collapse or destruction of the world and what is now anarchy, the Enclave sees themselves as the United States Government continued – meaning they still control what is left of America. That is merely a delusion that they see and what they would like the rest of the Wastes to see. With their advanced technology, they put the Brotherhood of Steel to shame and are almost very intimidating to the Wastes.


New California Republic is a Democratic Federation that claims to follow and preserve pre-war values such as democracy, liberty, and laws to protect the lands of the west coast. The NCR however, seems to be more of a controlling government with plenty counts of typical corruption within their system. As you can probably tell, the NCR are mainly in the Mojave Waste in the west coast so they won’t pop up as much unless you’re playing Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas.

Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel is a technological-based organization found primarily all over the Wastes, made up of soldiers, military officers, and scientists. Their descendants are from the American Military and Government. However despite that, they are not in association or connected to the Enclave and are opposite from them. The Brotherhood of Steel is known for attempting to preserve and salvage pre-war technology no matter the costs – even if it means putting people’s lives at risk. They’re usually a secretive and dangerous group if trifled with. There are many different factions or divisions of the BoS around the Wastes. Some work differently than others where some care about the protection of the ‘weaker’ people of the Wastes  – or care not at all. There is also a group known as the Brotherhood Outcasts, but this is a group primarily only in the Capital Wastes as they broke ties with the division from the BoS there.

Nuka Cola

Your average pre-war soft drink, obviously the Coca-Cola of the Wasteland, created by John-Caleb Bradberton, which is an amalgamation of the inventors of Coca-Cola (John Pemberton) and Pepsi-Cola (Caleb Bradham). Nuka Cola heals health points and Nuka Cola Quantum, which is another soft drink but it’s known for it’s incredibly bright blue color, was also made with mild radioactive strontium isotope and 18 different fruit flavors. Nuka Cola Quantum gives action points instead and has a ten percent chance of addictions. The bottle caps from Nuka Colas are currency in the post apocalypse. Nuka Cola Quantums are also available to buy and were released the day Fallout 4 launched in reality – minus the strontium isotope and radiation, of course.


RobCo is a very influential and well known robotics and computer company founded by the great Robert House (whom you meet in Fallout New Vegas). They created the well known Pip-Boy, Protectrons, Securitrons, Liberty Prime (in partnership with General Atomics), Sentry Bots, and of course the operating systems used on Pip-Boys and computers all over the Wastes.
RobCo copy

General Atomics

A mass-producing robotics company, known for creating a majority of robots that we see around the Wastes. These robots are Mr. Gutsy, Mr. Handy, and Robobrains. They also worked with RobCo to create Liberty Prime (visit the broken steel DLC to meet Liberty Prime; it’s worth it).


Personal Information Processor, is the well-known electronic device hanging on your arm. It stores a massive amount of data and is able to transfer and put data onto holodisks. The well-known mascot ‘Vault Boy’ is seen here as he helps you keep track of your well-being. There are many versions of the Pip-Boy including Pip-Boy 1.0, 2000, 3000, Pip-Boy 3 Billion (which is a gold and white Pip-Boy), and the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV.

To you new-comers just delving into Fallout, I truly hope this article helped you get up to speed! If you’re enjoying the game please share your experience with us.

Until next time!