Fallout 3’s Moira Brown Teaches Us How to Win at Life


It’s tough being a cheerful inventor in a post war apocalypse. No other character in gaming inspires as much vitriol as Moira Brown. Fallout 3‘s sole Megaton survivor has been the subject of the Top 10 Worst NPCs in Video Games and Fallout 3: Five Ways to Kill Moira Brown. One Fallout fan even wanted to shoot her in the face.

While most gamers wanted to her dead, others found her jolly demeanor refreshing in a gloomy post-apocalyptic world. As she forgave my evil Lone Wanderer, she made me feel like the worst person on Earth for blowing up Megaton. Moira Brown was the only known Megaton NPC to surface from the ruins. Moira Brown should have died, but her bright outlook on life saved her from the grim reaper’s scythe.

Love or hate her, Moira Brown can teach us a few things about getting through life’s biggest and smallest disasters. Inspired by Fallout 3‘s Wasteland Survival Guide, this brief guide will help you become the ultimate survivor!

The ultimate survivor.

1. Adapt to a Broken World

Atom bomb, baby. Burns like a spark. The night the bomb hit.

We can push off discussing the inevitable, but just as Moira learned, we’ll have to survive the hard way. There are many things in our own environment that we cannot control. Natural and man-made catastrophes are some of these uncontrollable factors. We’ll need to bring light into darkness, hunt & gather, and rebuild our abodes from scratch.

Bereft of her sanctuary and her only source of income, things seemed hopeless. Moira could’ve given up, but this ghoul’s tenacity won out. She set up another shop and thanks to her can-do attitude, she made things work.

Outliving environmental and natural disasters weighs heavily on the soul. Smiling may or may not be an option, but denying ourselves a second opportunity at life should never be an option. The struggle will be real, but stagnancy will surely lead us nowhere. The One World Trade Center wasn’t built in one day! If we move forward and envision the rewards we shall reap, we too can make things work.


“You Can Do It!”

2.  Learn How to Sprint Along with Life

Let’s face it! Life is one giant video game – only much more lethal. Human disasters such as murders, assaults, robberies and diseases plague our species.  Unlike video games there’ll be no new game, replay, or rewind options. Once disaster strikes, our lives and spirits will be changed forever.

Unfortunately, we weren’t gifted the long life span of the ghoul. Many people will survive and others will die. Death may not always be the final outcome of these disasters, but it comes to us all. We’ll have to deal with the aftermath. Moira may appear insanely cheerful all of the time, but certain dialog options in Fallout 3 prove otherwise. While I helped her compile the Wasteland Survival Guide, Moira sadly stated, “Well look around at the world we live in. It may be ok to you, but I’ve read about what it used to be like and this isn’t it.”

Why was Moira so sad? Did an evil raider steal her best stash of RadAway or worse? Fancy Lad snacks? The sadness was soon forgotten as the old Moira returned with choice words, “So we all need something to keep going, despite all the terrible things that happen to us.”

Instead of complaining about her surroundings, Moira wrote a book to help improve them. After experiencing loss and a health scare, I returned to doing what I love – writing. Grief and painful memories will cut our lives short. However painful it is to let go, part of moving forward is finding what keeps us going.

“We all need something to keep us going.”

3. Beware the Silent Killer: The Self

We’re facing our greatest enemy – ourselves. All our lives we’ll be battling self-doubt, self-pity, and negative self-talk; stronger than any atom bomb that could decimate us if we allow them too. Moira didn’t have to be cheerful. She lost her home, source of income, her friends, and her looks. All of these losses combined would break down the most optimistic person.

Before the bomb destroyed Megaton, Moira asked my Lone Wanderer, “Did you ever try to put a broken piece of glass back together again”? While I pondered this question she continued, “Even if the pieces fit, you can’t make it whole again the way it was”. Once again Moira revealed a burgeoning sadness only to throw me off – again! “But if you’re clever you can still use the pieces to make other useful things. Maybe even something wonderful, like a mosaic”.

If broken glass can become a mosaic, can our shattered self-esteem make us shine? Yes, but it all starts within. We must change the way we treat ourselves. We must be our own champions. We cannot survive if we linger in self-hatred.

Ghoulified Moira forgives the Lone Wanderer. Turning Broken Glass into a Mosaic.

What does Moira ultimately teach us?

In the words of Nathan Drake’s mentor Sully, “Real greatness is dealing with the hand you’ve been dealt.”

The journey to greatness is long. Many landmines threaten your path. Strive to be great. because just like that astronaut turned inventor from Megaton, you will survive.

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