Hilarious Fanmade Nintendo Switch Trailer Features a Sad Wii U

Press F to pay respects.


The Facebook page The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Collection posted a super funny fan made Nintendo Switch trailer and I just had to share! The commercial features our favorite silent protagonist, Link, in his cottage playing what looks to be, Mario Maker on the Nintendo Wii U. His fellow Nintendo compatriots, Captain Falcon (F-Zero), Samus (Metroid) and Kirby, barge in to play along bringing their new, flashy Nintendo Switch devices. Captain Falcon puts his console into the dock, showcasing a first person view of Dark Souls on the big screen. After his display, they all take their Nintendo Switch devices on the go, leaving behind a very sad non-portable Wii U console. Don’t let me tell you about it though! Watch the video for yourself!

Although, I’ve had a ton of fun on my Wii U, I’m looking forward to what the Nintendo Switch will have to offer in 2017! I’m unsure who to credit as the The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Collection Facebook page leaves no credits on their page, but if you do know, tell me so I can add the proper dues – assuming they aren’t the creators.

Are you guys stoked about the Nintendo Switch? Let us know below!