Splatoon’s Official Facebook Flooded By “Voicy” Gamers

I'm a little bit punny, aren't I?


Splatoon is an upcoming online-focused 4 versus 4 shooter by yours truly, Nintendo, for the Wii U. With recent news of Splatoon not featuring voice chat for, not technical reasons, not deadline limitations, but because the director of Splatoon, Yusuke Amano, deeming it part of the toxicity of online gaming. He believes that voice chat can contribute to unsettling feelings in gamers as he has had unpleasant experiences himself.

“This is coming from personal experience. When I played online games, I didn’t like the negativity I got and people telling me ‘You’re crap. Go away’. So we wanted to focus on the positive aspects of online gaming”.

“Amano says he’s not saying that chat in an online game can’t contribute to fun but they want to grab new players.”

While I can admit that certain individuals run amok with anonymity online being their battle armor, I don’t think that this is a reason to shun voice chat altogether just because of a few bad eggs. If Nintendo were truly concerned about the safety of others while also being inclusive, avoiding cyberbulling is as simple as a mute/block/disable option. Amano’s ideals imply that Splatoon may never have voice chat.

Disgruntled fans have been letting Nintendo know exactly how they feel on the official Splatoon Facebook page as well as any Splatoon related post on Nintendo’s general Facebook page. Here’s a fan made video of many of the responses the Facebook pages have been receiving.

If I were Nintendo, here’s what I’d do to appease both sides:

1) Lock voice chat behind the parental controls so that children and younger players are protected.
2) Make voice chat’s default off so that people who want it have to go into the settings to turn it on.
3) Make it only available for friend matches or private matches only.
4) Include a mute and block button next to players’ Nintendo IDs throughout the game where they are readily accessible.
5) Probably the BEST solution – update the Wii U console to feature a party chat system. The controller already has a built-in mic and there is already a service on the system, Wii U Chat, that allows you to video chat with the people on your friend list. The system is very much capable of pulling off such a feature. This way, we’d never have to worry about in-game voice communication ever again. This YouTube fan had the right idea. He believes that older gamers should be able to pay a one time fee for party chat.

Does this fan backlash about Splatoon surprise you? If you were Nintendo how would you handle this situation? Do you think Nintendo will ultimately give in?

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  • SuaveVillain™

    Would be nice if they actually tried to please everyone.

  • It doesn’t surprise me, Nintendo refuses to adapt to modern tech. When they do they always do it in an odd way. Idk why if I party with friends why I can’t talk. Nintendo really needs to add voice chat in some form to this game. It’s the only thing that is sort of holding me back from a day one buy. I hate that in Smash and Mario kart when I play with friends we can’t really talk. It makes me play the games way less because the limited chat. Splatoon is online focused so it’s a lot less excusable.

  • JRPG_Fan

    Don’t be ignorant… Are you playing games to talk with people or to play the game? Splatoon is a fast paced game, its not Rainbow Six or Call Of Duty. Most PC gamers don’t use voice chat in comparison to console gamers.

  • I’m playing games to talk to people when I play them online. At least for the most part when I play with friends I want to play it like it’s couch co-op. This game doesn’t even have 4 player couch co-op vs Ai so even if I could gather friends it wouldn’t allow me to shoot the shit will playing. I talk during plenty of fast pace games like marvel vs capcom 3 me and my friends just laugh and talk while playing.

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  • Tery Jaye Yazze

    Nintendo is run by Old dudes, Im old so I know. Plus remember what they said..they never do what the fans want..period.

  • Petri

    Well, you can in no way please everyone, but you can royally piss off all and everyone.

  • Tery Jaye Yazze

    trying to think of playing Left 4 Dead without voice chat..hmmm

  • Your profile pic goes way too perfectly with this post. :p

  • Damonashu

    As much as I see the benefit to voice chat, I’m not nearly as heated as everyone else is about its exclusion. I play League and Smite and you don’t even need the voice chat to have someone raging about how bad someone else is. Adding it would only promote terrible conflict resolution skills. The moment you have to stop thinking is the moment you become impulsive, so what if you get that new Splatoon player who’s still trying to get a feel of that game, you then get that guy who thinks he’s a pro, and every time the newbie messes up, they get attacked. This is what Amano is trying to prevent, and he’s not wrong from doing it. I have seen people say a lot of the time, that they won’t get into League because of the community.

    I am willing to admit however, that adding a voice chat for friends or pre-mades wouldn’t be an awful idea.

  • Nick

    Imagine all the stupid obnoxious little kids we wont have to hear now, Great Idea!

  • wiiu4life

    Ok the game has simple objectives paint as much of the area as you can. How come with ll the technology you can’t find other ways to communicate.

  • jakdripr

    It’s silly that they wouldn’t include this feature just because the internet is full of idiots. I’ve been playing online for 7 years now and sure I’ve encountered quite a few nasty people, but that’s what the block button is for. And ever since MS introduced a party system for the 360 I can count the number of nasty individuals I’ve had to deal with. Never mind the fact that this really is just a stereotype, truth is most of the people you run into online are just trying to have fun.

    All in all I think this was a very stupid decision by nintendo(it was their decision right?), especially since if I was getting this game, I’d be trying to get as many of my friends to get it as well so we can play together. Now if we do, we’ll have to co-ordinate over Skype or some shit since the game won’t allow us to it in game.

  • Luis Porras

    I see a Pepe and I immediately stop taking these people seriously.

  • ShadowFang

    These “fans” do not speak for everybody.

    No online game has ever been made better by online voice chat. That just lowered the bar too far; whatever thoughtfulness people put into “being online” before Microsoff put a headset into every Xbox bundle flew out the door there, and it’s never been good since. People need “a wall” online to overcome – typing things out was fine. Getting rid of it was instantly bad. Just like in school whenever you had kids complaining about written answers on tests or having to do essays with 500 word limits or whatever. Dumb, horrible people freak out at that. Get rid of it, and you let in a flood of thoughtless morons. The dumbest people are the loudest; good people don’t even talk in games.

    For people who say, “It’s for strategy”, you shouldn’t play Splatoon. Done. There’s WAY too many (even if it is a relative few) that are entitled psychos (look at how these people flock to Facebook to complain) that take games too seriously. Especially Nintendo games – just go to Kotaku, and you’ll see crazy Smash Bros. stories every damn day. People hijacking stories, people exploiting glitches within minutes of stuff being released, people camping out for dumb Amiibos, etc. Those “Nintendo fans” are just sad and crazy, and they ruin games, and developers/publishers should stop catering to them. Playing online multiplayer is a fun mode; it’s not a lifestyle. If you’re planning on grouping up with people and owning people online in a game, stick to LoL or Counter Strike. Splatoon is for everybody.

    If you just want to talk to your friends’ list, eh… I guess I can understand that being disappointing. But it’s not like playing online with strangers won’t still be fun, obviously. You’re gonna have a good time anyway.

    There’s a lot of things that Nintendo devs do that are backwards or old-fashioned and it’s often annoying (or worse). Keeping voice chat out of Splatoon is not one of those decisions. No one chats during Mario Kart 8 and everyone loves that game. wtf. people? There’s way too much entitled-ness going on, with people losing their minds of features (especially in games they haven’t played yet) instead of focusing on content; which is crazy when so many of the same people are the ones who don’t consume things correctly and complain about backlogs and sh** and not playing the games have, that they complained about. Ugh. Way too fickle

    Especially when, like, a day later people found something new to complain about with the games’ Amiibo-unlocked challenges. Jeez louise; hold your complaints off until after you’ve played the damn game, people. It’s kind of accepted to see this behavior in so many places, but usually Nintendo is pretty good at being immune to this. Seeing this kind of stuff bleed into their “ecosystem”? And from, no doubt, the fanboys who are 30-40 years old? That is just getting annoying.

  • diealein

    counter strike, has a game mode that without voice chat would be impossible to play.

    many games NEED in game voice chat, or some other solution, to thrive if they have any sort of competitive mode, and every game that is competitive and has voice chat, HAS BEEN IMPROVED, by having this option. it increases longevity and enjoyment when you get to tell random teams what they’re doing wrong to improve, and to work together with your friends AND TEAMMATES to WIN.

    you bloody moron.

  • diealein

    its all about integration; if there was a party voice chat system on the wii u it’d be easy enough, but with this game, or any wii u online title, you need a third party system, aka ps, xbox, laptop, just to chat with your friends and that’s kinda bs when the wii u has a video call feature already, making voice chat something that shouldn’t be so damn hard to put in.