February 2015 Cosplay Showcase: MeltingMirror Cosplay

Canadian crafting master MeltingMirror Cosplay shares an inside look at her life in the cosplay world.


Welcome to another installment of a new cosplay showcase series here at SheAttack! As much as we love video games and the gaming community, we also strive to bring more general nerd culture articles to our site to spice things up. And what better way to celebrate nerd culture than with showcasing the ultimate fan homage: cosplay? Once a month, I will be posting a Q&A and costume showcase of a talented cosplayer in the community. They could be a novice or pro; as long as they are passionate and creative they have every chance of being featured.

Featured this month is MeltingMirror Cosplay, a fantastic seamtress and Crunchyroll Ambassador from Canada. February has become a beautiful celebration of cosplayers of color, and SheAttack would like to continue to spread the love.

January 2015 Cosplay Showcase: MeltingMirror Cosplay

MeltingMirror as the villainous Ragyo from Kill la Kill. Photo by Liquid Cocaine Photos.

Q: Tell me about your background.

A: I used to be curled up in front of the TV playing video games when I was growing up, and then I got into anime such as Sailor Moon and DBZ. I was always interested in visual arts, mostly drawing and painting and it was anime that really got me hooked on drawing.

Q: How were you like growing up?

A: I was very quiet. I wanted to make everyone happy so I tried to keep the peace a lot, but I found that didn’t allow me to grow as a person. Cosplay helped me get out of my shell.

Q: How did you first get into cosplay?

A: An anime convention started in my city and my friends insisted I attend in costume with them. Peer pressure won and I made my first costume from scraps of fabric and items in my closet.

MeltingMirror as Tia Dalma from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Photo by Jason Liu Photography.
MeltingMirror as Tia Dalma from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Photo by Jack Liu Photography.

Q: What was your first cosplay, and what do you wish you could change about it now?

A: My first cosplay was Oruha from Clover. I don’t know if there was much I could change about it considering my skill level and the resources available at the time. Maybe add a few more details to make it more accurate.

Q: What is your favorite cosplay and why?

A: I never really have a favorite cosplay. I’ve made over 50 to date and I love them each in their own way, although some are a little more loved that others.

MeltingMirror portraying Hana from the Clamp manga series, Gate 7. Photo by Jack Liu Photography.

Q: How do you decide you want to cosplay a particular character? Is there a criteria a character has to meet?

A: Whenever I cross something that interests me I drop it in a “potential cosplay” folder on my computer. If the costumes comes to my mind again I’ll keep revisiting the photo until I start brainstorming ideas for materials. I know I really like a design or character when I skip to the research phase. Besides liking the look or the character, I try to pick a few costumes every year that will improve my skills or force me to learn something new. I recently picked up leather work and finished my first leather corset.

Q: What’s your cosplay making process? Do you put things together with a particular friend?

A: All of my costumes are made on my own with some rare exception where my father gives me a hand or my friends give me last minute help in the hotel room. I start with the easiest part of the costume first – for me that’s props and accessories.The Coles Notes (Coles Notes is the Canadian equivalent of Cliff Notes) version of my process is: plan, draft, purchase materials, cut, assemble, embellish, and finish.

MeltingMirror as Alicia Rue, Lord of the Cait Siths, from the anime Sword Art Online. Photo by AshB Images.

Q: What’s your favorite part of a cosplay to make yourself?

A: I prefer prop making because I like building things. I also find there is more room for correcting mistakes. It also lends well to my childhood art skills of sculpting and painting.

Q: What advice do you have for those who are new to cosplay or are interested in starting?

A: Make sure you pick a project you are passionate about because it will drive you to complete it when you hit some roadblocks.

MeltingMirror cosplaying as a scout from the online game, Granada Espada. Photo by Ackson.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: Sivir from League of Legends, Five from Drakenguard, Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman, and Storm from X-Men. There is always something coming down the pipe for me.

Q: What’s your favorite moment from a convention?

A: Whenever I get to hang out with friends and have a good time, I’m a happy girl. Hanging out in a villa at Colossalcon was a big highlight for me last year.

MeltingMirror cosplaying as Cruella De Vil from Disney's 101 Dalmations. Photo by Eleventh Photograph.
MeltingMirror cosplaying as Cruella De Vil from Disney’s 101 Dalmations. Photo by Eleventh Photograph.

Q: How has cosplay changed your life?

A: Cosplay helped me get out of my shell of shyness. It encouraged me to challenge myself and to travel more. It made me more social (except the last two weeks before a big convention… hehehe).

Q: You had some great costumes at Katsucon this year! How was your experience at Katsucon a few weeks ago?

A: Katsucon was great. I always have a great time there. I got to work with many talented photographers and I’m anxiously waiting to see the results. It’s also very interesting seeing all these amazing costumes up close because it just instantly fills you with inspiration.

MeltingMirror in her original Earth Dragon costume inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Photo by Eleventh Photograph.

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