Female Let’s Players: Who They Are & Their Role in Gaming


There are plenty of reasons that we watch Let’s Players on YouTube or Twitch. You could be stuck on a certain part of a game and needed to see how someone else completed it, or maybe you were thinking about buying a game and wanted to see what the gameplay was like before spending your money. It’s also a good source of comedy for whenever you need a good, video game-related chuckle.

Maybe you just like admiring the people who have made it to the promised land: getting to play video games as an actual job you get paid to do. The American dream.

Whatever your reasoning, Let’s Plays have quickly become a huge part of gaming. Some channels are sent games to review before they’re released to the public and Let’s Players sometimes appear at cons as special guests. In fact, there’s a con put together by one of the most popular YouTube channels, Rooster Teeth, whose Let’s Play channel, Achievement Hunter, has made a business out of playing video games on the internet.

It’s hard to nail down the exact formula for what makes a successful Let’s Play channel, the most basic equation is something like owning a console and a capture card, plus a basic knowledge of current memes, and bonus points for a properly executed face cam.

And in terms of subscribers and view counts, it appears that male Let’s Players have come the closest to figuring this formula out. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. I love me some Game Grumps and I spent all last summer deeply immersed in Achievement Hunter.

But both of these channels have one glaring problem in common: there’s only one female member of their “team”, both of whom only make occasional cameos.

You could argue that the reason we don’t hear about female Let’s Players is because there aren’t any, but incidentally, that’s not the case. There’s a whole slew of gaming channels run by women who play all sorts of games of almost every type on almost every console.

Female Let’s Players Doing it Right

These are just a few of the bad-ass gamer gals I’ve found snooping around the interwebs:

  • KittyKatGaming – YouTube Beauty guru Suzy Berhow, aka Mortem3r, decided to spread her wings from just her beauty channel and the occasional cameo on her husband, Egoraptor’s, acclaimed channel, Game Grumps, and play some of her favorite games on her very own, kitty-themed channel!
  • YOGSCAST’S Kim and Hannah – Both members of the Yogscast, with their own individual channels, and both delightfully British, often collaborate together and play, in Kim’s words, “every game they can get their grubby mitts on.”
  • TheRPGMinx – As the name might suggest, likes to play RPGs, but she also enjoys other consoles and explores through some of the hidden gems found of Steam.
  • lucahjin – A cheerful and bubbly girl whose channel is dedicated to playing all sorts of video games she missed out on during her childhood for the very first time.
  • LDShadowLady – A Minecraft extraordinaire who often collaborates with other Let’s Players to explore different mods and worlds.
  • lolreynaynay – A Twitch player who streams all sorts of fun games and posts some of her highlights on YouTube
  • SilverPixels – Braves the spooks and scares of all sorts of horror and thriller games. If you love Let’s Players like Markiplier, you’ll love her!
  • 2 Girls 1 Let’s Play –  The Let’s Play portion of the Geek Remix channel that focuses on games with female protagonists (girls playing as girls, almost like it was supposed to be like that or something!)

So you might be thinking, what’s the point of watching these people when other channels with more subscribers and views are playing the exact same games? Could the more traffic on their channel just be an indication of better quality? Am I supposed to watch these channels just because they have girls on them? Some of you may be thinking “I thought you girls didn’t want ‘special treatment.”

Keep your fedora on, friend.

The reason that you should watch these Let’s Play channels even though there are other ones doing the same thing is because there is so little recognition of the female presence in the gaming community, especially among content makers.

It’s a misconception that the reason you haven’t heard about any female Let’s Players is because there aren’t any. They’re here, they’re playing games and putting out content. They’re just not getting the same traffic as other channels.

Female Let’s Players work just as hard as all other Let’s Players, which can sometimes be discouraging to them with the weak returns and the less than stellar representation of women in modern video games. Their hard work deserves to be appreciated and recognized.

Plus, it can’t hurt to get a fresh, new perspective on video games, right? That’s why we have so many different channels which feature so many different (and some of the same) games. Perspective.

And don’t worry, I’m not tossing a list of random names at you just because they fit both the criteria of “gamer” and “female.” These girls are dedicated, funny, they update their channels regularly, and they cover a wide array of games across all sorts of consoles and media.

Although I’ve only just decided to explore the female side of the Let’s Play world, I’m already really glad I did. It’s a connection with the player I didn’t expect to have, one that comes from seeing or hearing another girl play the game and see what I see. They cringe at the violent language directed towards women that games sometimes have and they celebrate the female characters in a way that I do when I see a female protagonist.

youtube and twitchMake sure you check out these channels and subscribe if you like them. A little recognition can go a long way!

  • Nutluck

    A couple of more female Lets Players you might like are Lady Lexy XOX Gaming and Hey Chrissa. A link to both their channels below.

  • Hey I don’t see Little Katie on that list 😛

  • ShadowFang

    Heh, awesome. More people should know about Silver Pixels, though admittedly, I only recently found out about her channel because MrKravin played something and half-joked he just sees what she’s playing most of the time to find new horror games and suggested you go check her out.

    Great list! I already subscribe and check out a bunch of these! Love me some Lucahjin and RPGMinx too, and now I have more to check out – sweet!

    Not a Let’s Player, but I do enjoy Youtubers who do… not the format. PushingUpRoses definitely deserves a mention if you ever do a follow up on people like her who don’t do Let’s Play vids but do have great Youtube series’. Also like iHasCupquake, if only for her I Am Bread series & Five Nights at Freddy’s Animated shorts (^-^)

  • Thao M.

    Although her channel is small compared to those listed above, I think Rabbit Plays Games deserves an honorable mention! She’s very sweet and quirky, and I enjoy her story-driven Let’s Plays a lot. 🙂


  • Brandon Roberts

    any female let’s players who play wwe games?

  • Hugsie Muffinball

    Has Cupquake ever actually played Quake on her channel?

  • Jennifer Williams

    I am a small channel but I try to create a safe place for both male and female gamers a like. I play a wide range of games as well. Feel free to check out my channel but also let me know if you are a lets player as well!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqY3jm6s-Hg