Final Fantasy III Could Be Heading To PC


A listing on the German Entertainment Software Self-Regulatory Body suggests that Final Fantasy III could possibly come to PC. Polygon reportsFinal Fantasy 3 was registered with the country’s ratings board on April 2 by publisher Square Enix.” Next to the rating on the German Entertainment Software Self-Regulatory, was the option of the game listed under PC.  Unfortunately, the PC listing has yet to make an appearance on the North America ESRB.”

Reliable sources claim that Square Enix chose not to comment on the rumors circulating Final Fantasy III. Although it is rumored, a simple mistake stirred up excitement in the gaming community. “Final Fantasy 3 was the first numbered entry in the series to feature a job-change system in which characters could switch between and level up different job classes,” Polygon elaborated.

The Japanese role play was not made available outside of Japan until 2006.”Up until 2006, Final Fantasy III was the only installment in the series to have never seen official English localization, and the only one of the early numbered Final Fantasy games to not see a port or remake,” stated by Final Fantasy Wiki. The game revolves around four orphans, magic crystals, and saving the world.


Although the game was later made available to the West, it is still valued as a hidden treasure. In my opinion, it’s unavailability added value to the game; this was the only early Final Fantasy that did not make it to the West until it was later remade and made available on systems such as the Nintendo DS. Now available on other consoles, extending to Android, the concept of releasing the game on PC is very plausible.

It could make a small difference or to those whom would enjoy it on PC, it could make a huge difference. While we may have a plethora of games available to us on PC, adding this to the collection could invoke blissfulness to the Final Fantasy fanatic. Remember, it hasn’t officially been confirmed so it could be taken as a grain of salt until farther notice. However, I’m sure there are some of us who would love to experience the game on PC, wouldn’t you agree?

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Sources: Polygon

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