Five Awesome Self-Made Game Reviewers


There was a time when we didn’t have such easy access to game reviews. We had to look at the game case and hope for the best when we took one out of a store. Now, the magical apparatus of the internet hosts all kinds of gameplay footage and reviews that can both entertain and inform us about what games are worth our time and money. Game developers can’t get away with being lazy and crowding the shelves with mediocre games like they used to, partially because of the popularity of today’s web video reviewers. These are a few people in this quirky sub-genre that are definitely worth mentioning and deserve praise!

1. Jontron


Jontron’s (A.K.A Jon Jafari’s) reviews are strange and hilarious. He doesn’t review a specific genre or criteria of game. He just reviews what he wants to review with his quirky delivery, great cinematography, and his talking cyborg bird, Jaques. Although his reviews are mainly focused on the jokes, it’s obvious Jon knows what makes a good game and is passionate about the industry.

He’s affiliated with along with a handful of other great reviewers. Normal Boots also hosts “Did You Know Gaming?”: a short show listing interesting facts about different games and genres.

Normal Boots Page!

JonTron’s Channel!

2. Angry Video Game Nerd


James Rolfe is an independent filmmaker who plays The Angry Video Game Nerd, a character created for his website, The AVGN is a foul-mouthed caricature of a “nerd” with glasses, a button-up shirt and a pocket protector. The AVGN, stuck in his bitter nostalgia for shitty retro games, is known for his creative insults, hatred for the toy and game publishing company, LJN, and his love of the beer, Rolling Rock. He’s even produced an actual AVGN movie that premiered in select theaters in the US, a film completely funded by the fans as well as a video game available on steam.

AVGN’s Channel!

3. The Angry Joe Show

Angry Joe

Joe is another foul-mouthed, angry reviewer. However, he mostly reviews recent games. His great production value, funny skits/cutaways, and rating system will help you know which games are worth your time, why you would like them and why you would hate them. He’s both hilarious and informative.

The Angry Joe Show Channel!

The Angry Joe Show’s Website

4. The Completionist

the completionist

This gloriously bearded bastard is Jirard Khalil, the host of a weekly series in which he tries his best to complete a game 100% in a 3 to 4 day time frame. (Yes, including side quests.) It’s not just about completing the game, though. He also points out different aspects of the game that he plays, such as the story, the gameplay, and whether or not the game is worth completing. This is a fun, unique take on gaming reviews. He also does standard reviews and top ten lists.

The Completionist’s Channel!

5. Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? (HAWP)


This isn’t really a review show, but these video skits are hilarious and can still be pretty informative about games and gaming culture. They almost always start with the question “Hey, Ash. Whatcha Playin’?” before insanity ensues. The skits follow the interactions between a brother and sister, Anthony and Ashley Burch. They are both gamers, but Ashley has a hard time understanding the line between video games and real life and continuously blurs that line. She also has a hard time giving her brother any peace. Anthony appears to be the only sane person in this series. This dynamic duo will have you laughing at their outrageous parallels between games and their everyday lives. Even their father Papa Burch joins in on their dysfunctional family dynamics.

Anthony once worked for Gearbox Software as the lead writer for Borderlands 2 and is now working for Rocket Jump.

Ashley Burch has served as voice talent for web series, video games, and anime such as, Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2 and Chloe Price from Life is Strange.

HAWP’s Website!

HAWP’s Channel!

Today’s day and age is exploding with self-made game reviewers that are gamers firstly just like us. They exist solely to entertain as well as inform. Do you have any favorite game reviewers not on our list? Tell us below!