Fran Bow: Is it Hot or Nah?


So, recently I have heard all about the hype of Fran Bow and I just had to check it out for myself. I’ll have to admit, this game had intrigued me from the beginning as I watched YouTubers play Fran Bow just to get a glimpse of the plot. I picked it up and decided to try it for myself.

You play as a little girl named Fran Bow whom is currently residing in an asylum due to a tragedy that has happened to her. All Fran wants to do is to go home to her family and get away from this crazy place. Fran must find a way to get home while trying to avoid a creature that seems to be haunting her. Fran Bow guides you from a normal place to a magical realm, which even you don’t know if it’s real or not. Can you help Fran find her way back home?

Fran Bow is amazingly and wonderfully designed with its made-by-hand-like art style. The plot is twisting and shocking throughout the entire duration of  the game. Even though the plot and game is pretty awesome, it sometimes can become a real pain. You do have to walk back and forth a lot to solve a puzzle at times. Also, you have to think outside the box  quite often as this game is based on logic and reasoning. That said, Fran Bow is an awesome point and click adventure game. I do recommend it.

After playing and digging deep into Fran Bow for myself, the game is definitely a HOT indie in my book. I encourage all of you gamers out there to try Fran Bow for yourselves. If you believe this is a great indie game or if you know of an indie game that should be rated on HOT or Nah, let me know in the comments below.

Hot or Nah is a series of short mini-reviews that give you, the player, a sense of which obscure indies to take a shot at or to keep away from. Be sure to check weekly for more Hot or Nah mini-reviews.