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I have played over 30 different MMOs. Why is this? I’m constantly searching for that one experience or that sense of accomplishment that you have through leveling up in an MMO. This isn’t to say that all the MMOs that I play have been horrible, I just like trying out new ones every once and a while. Since I play a lot of RPGs this list might be RPG heavy but I’ll try my best to incorporate other genres.


This third person shooter MMO is free, and also a RPG, so yeah it made the list. Amazing right? Some people who play this game says that it gets repetitive, and yes it can, but there are so many levels and planets that when playing with a team of friends is easy to breeze through. I have only played a bit of this game, and not since the last couple of patches but its fast action with great graphics and only a little story. The sci-fi setting makes for some awesome atmosphere if you have enough time to look around with all the fast paced shooting action. The RPG elements come from the levelling up of your weapons and character as well as your rank which requires you to do a small test in order to raise it.


There are a few types of characters that you can choose from at the beginning but any other type of character is going to either cost you a bit of cash or quite a bit of grinding. All the different kinds of chasis that you can have need blueprints. You can get these by random drop in certain places or you can get them at the store and then you have to build them with components that can also be found in the levels around the solar system which can take hours to build. It might be worth it if you are really into the game as some of the other non-starter classes can be pretty strong, otherwise its a great casual play with friends.

Forsaken World

Made by Perfect World Entertainment, this was the first MMO that got me really obsessed with MMORPGs. It has times instances that go on almost every hour of everyday, which can make for some pretty obsessive behaviours. There are quite a few different classes that you can play, some of the interesting ones being the bard which has special effects depending on which skills you ‘play’ in certain orders or the vampire that uses  a cross and makes use of blood skills.

Forsaken world

It has a fairly fast paced-levelling system that is great for chilling out and enough different locations to make the game still seem at least a little bit interesting. It really is a lay-back and chill kind of MMO so if you like levelling up just for the sake of it, this is the game for you. The newest addition to the game is the Lycian race that can be healers or assassins, or scythe wielders (with the newest update) and they look just as beautiful as the rest of the races. The settings can get pretty boring such as being in a desert for 10 levels or a forest etc, but it shouldn’t bother you too much if you play causally.


One of the few MMORPGs that I’ve found that has controller support. It actually works quite well if you are used to this kind of action gameplay. A mouse and keyboard works much better but once you get good with a controller then everything is great. It’s an addictive action game so be prepared to play for a long time when you first boot it up.


The world is lush and bright with lots of ruins hanging around, but honestly I can’t say enough about the look of the world, just go see for yourself (it’s amazing). The story is about average but the main cities and areas are grand and booming with characters all the time. There are of course instances that you do for quests and for the most part the finding a party to do them with you isn’t too hard but I found that you really need to know what you are doing in some of the instances or you might get caught out with the regular players. The thing that really shines here is the graphics and the world so if that is enough to get you interested I would give it a try, granted your computer can take it.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Yes, this game is free to play, but only parts of it. The main story is open to all players so no matter what you get an amazing Star Wars experience, despite it not being canon (damn you Disney). It is set around the time that Revan (a Jedi legend) was alive so even if you know very little about the universe you can still enjoy the story. The controls are reminiscent of other MMOs so there isn’t much to learn it terms of game-play and there isn’t too much diversity in the way of classes. There is the Republic and the Empire and then from that you choose what class you want to be.


The graphics of the game are right in the middle of being realistic and cartoon like the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series. There are multiple starting points for all the classes, most of which are recognizable from the films and (now non-canon) expanded universe which gives this MMO a great sci-fi feel. You can always upgrade your account with the ever-constant subscription that they still have but, like many subscriptions, it’s not worth it unless you are going to be playing the game a lot.

Aura Kingdom

Released earlier this year, Aura Kingdom is being handled by Aeria Games and features a diverse class sytem and Eidolons. There are a total of 10 classes with the ability to add a second class once you reach level 40. So for example, you could be a swordsman with a secondary class of an archer, or a healer with an axe and etc.


The Eidolon system acts like a pet/partner and while there are some that you get automatically through the story there are others that can be obtained by getting their keys. These keys are found in peices, 10 peices make one key to summon the Eidolon and they can e very hard to get. If you plan on getting all the Eidolons you better be comfortable with your character. Other than that this game’s cute and bright anime style is lovely to look at with great looking effects and magic.

Ragnarok Online 2

Another anime-looking game, Ragnarok 2 is the spiritual successor to the mega-popular Ragnarok Online. You have a class that determines your attack style and then a job that determines what you can craft. Alchemy was my speciality which requires you to harvest various kinds of plants to make them into potions. Armour-smiths do the same with metals and etc.

Ragnarok 2

The game play and levelling itself it kind of slow, but more in the leisurely sense than anything. Again the story would be interesting if I actually managed to read more of it but from the impression I got it was pretty standard. The game play is also standard, with a wait and skill-based system common to many MMOs.

City of Steam

A browser based MMO that has recently been taking up a lot of my time. It’s a really hands-off MMO with an auto-battle and auto-potion system for instances. You can employ a helper that levels up as you use them and accompanies you. The graphics are pretty good for a browser game with a distinct steam-punk feel.


There is PvP, multiple dailies and lots of baddies to kill all over the place. There are so many small parts to the game that I couldn’t possibly list them all but there are lots of opportunities for ability points, gold and experience. It’s a nice little game, addicting and fun as well as a time suck.


I never (hah, funny) really played much of this game honestly. I was also never a fan of anything related to Dungeons and Dragons, I figure I was too young to get on that hype train. the way you create a character is reminiscent of the classic Dungeons and Dragons feel where you pick the race and class as well as roll and re-roll for the stats of the character. I’m sure that the lore and story relates to D&D somehow, but again I’m not too educated in it to know.


The game itself centers around forming parties to go into instances and questing together. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to form a party at all, you can do the quests perfectly fine by yourself if you are careful enough. Also, something else to note, if you enter an instance at the same time as other people when you are not in a party, you will still enter and see them in that instance. This means that you might be able to work together despite not being in a group together, this also means you might lose out on some experience though…

Eden Eternal

Alright, last anime MMO, I promise. This one has a really interesting class system though. Your character’s level and your profession’s level are kept separate. You level up normally by doing quests and then your profession levels up by killing monsters and certian quests. You in theory could be a master of all the classes and for some of the more advanced ones it actually requires that you have a certain level in different classes to unlock the higher ones.


Everything else is pretty automated, the walking and potions and then you just have to press button to win with skills. It can get grindy because of your class level and personal level if you are a stickler for that kind of thing but otherwise its a pretty good time. The world is very pretty and bright with cute monsters and fairly interesting quests.

Honourable Mentions

Aion – It has a slower leveling up system and the game is very heavily based around PvP but once you hit a certain level you can fly around in the game which is pretty cool and something that you can’t do in many other MMOs. The graphics and the world look amazing and beautiful but the settings can get old pretty fast since you stay in the same places while you level up slowly.

RaiderZ – Another MMO which belongs to Arc (Perfect World Entertainment). It has a really cool Monster Hunter-like system where components that you get from monster drops can be made into armor and weapons. The only noticable down side to this game is that you have to walk every where which can get kind of old, and problimatic since thestandard mount that you get at the beginning of the game is about as fast as your character walks. It’s another PvP heavy MMO but the PvE is just as fun, with huge bosses that take teams of people to put down.

Elsword – A 2D fighter style MMO that gives you a choice of pre-determined characters. All the characters are from a manwa (Korean manga/comic) and all have specific stories attached to them. While this concept seems interesting I felt that the game didn’t explore the stories enough through the main quests, though I never got to the maximum level so I can’t say with certainty. There are retrictions to playing the game on weekdays, your stamina depletes for every dungeon you do, although it did recently get a visual and gameplay upgrade so if you haven’t played in a while I would check it out again.

What are some of your favorite MMORPGs and why? Sound off in the comments below!

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