Is The Future of Gaming Aiming Toward Virtual Reality?


Now that the 8th generation consoles have released and new perks have been added to these newborn systems, the evolution of gaming continues to take place. Up until recently, gaming consoles were not capable of detecting motion. Now these features are becoming standard along with the addition of gyroscopic controls. The industry has seemingly decided to keep giving gamers more. The greatest thing about this new era is the curiosity that lurks – the possibility of virtual reality. The Oculus Rift, “a massive field view, 107 degrees, quick- response head tracking system that incorporates immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering capabilities” according to Michael Po of Hongkiat. The system is expected to release in 2014 for PC, Linux, and Android.

Sony has been rumored to release a rival VR headset which “makes the headset even more accurate than the Oculus Rift,” reported by GameIndustry. The virtual reality headset is expected to enhance the PlayStation 4 experience, incorporating  a 3D personal view. According to GameIndustry, “people with knowledge of the product say they believe the headset will launch in the fall of 2014, but that date, too, is subject to change.”


Microsoft has not released any information about releasing any virtual reality devices, but the future of gaming appears to have virtual reality in it’s view. As a result, having introduced smart glass, cross play, open source gaming, secondary screens, and cloud gaming, gamers can be hopeful that the future of gaming is bright and leaning towards creating a more realistic platforms.

While early game developers probably perceived these technologies as nearly impossible, modern game and console developers might be daring enough to predict a gaming device capable of reading our thoughts by detecting our brainwaves, similar to the EPOC neuroheadset. We might be able to control gaming with our minds after all.

Where is the future of virtual reality gaming heading? Honkiat states, “eventually we may even have a gaming session with a wearable UI Google glass where you don’t need to hold up a console or device, and playing a game almost feels like you’re on the ground in the gaming realm.”

Do you think that developing these devices will make the experience more realistic or do you think there could be another way to enjoy gaming?
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  • I think headsets like the Occulus Rift are going to be the next awesome thing, and unlike motion controls I think they’ll actually work. I would still want a controller though, as I can be immersed with a controller using simple button taps far more than I can be by flailing around to get the motion controls to register. Less finger / hand movement = more immersion because there’s less time between what action you think you should do and when the action gets done. Until they can come up with more reliable motion controls, true VR will still be a thing of the future.