Game of War and the $40 Million: A Tale of Tragedy


The gaming industry today is certainly not lacking in terrible advertisements. Whether these publicizing money-makers are accused of targeting certain groups or beliefs or even individuals, advertisements are the single most important element of getting any game into the hands of interested players. There are definitely some good trailers out there: the Assassins’ Creed series openings became a way of life quite rapidly and Prey 2 got me sufficiently hyped (only to promptly let me down). There are also the ‘mystery’ ones. Game of War: Fire Age sparked one of the most ambitious ad campaigns for a mobile game this year. Spending it’s $40 million advertising budget in a way any predictable Greek war game would, Machine Zone Inc. brought in a scantily clad Kate Upton to appeal to their target audience.


“So tell me, do you wanna come and play?”-Kate Upton

Moving past the fact that Upton’s cleavage accumulates more screen time than the actual army behind her or gameplay clips and images, the actual gameplay leaves something to be desired. I downloaded Game of War expecting nothing in particular and that’s just what I got. a few seconds after launching the app, it crashed quite suddenly. Undeterred, I re-opened the game and it finished the loading sequence that was thankfully, Upton-free. Not long after, I came to the initiation screen and Machine Zone’s $40 million stood before me.
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Going through the tutorial was easy enough and soon after, Kate sent me on my way. I found myself feeling slightly uncomfortable with having a toga-clad Upton boss me around but I guess that’s the experience Machine Zone was shooting for. I now had a farm and an upgrade on my stronghold. One free spin on a prize wheel later and I was being prompted to purchase more “chips”, with my own money of course, no in-game currency available to me. I had expected all of this and the game hadn’t really deviated from it’s mobile brethren in any way. The one aspect that did set it apart? Kate Upton of course. I spent some time snooping around and found my own character page. I was not disappointed. My character was a female, named Apollona, dressed about as much as Athena-Upton.

Evony, another mobile game produced by Evony LLC, focused a great deal on its female characters to draw in an audience. That’s one search that I’ll leave to the readers. Apparently, war-games and slave-Leia’s just go together… Don’t fret though, maybe one day a stray prop will miss its carefully selected target and teach the industry a thing or two about proper attire in the workplace.

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And lets not forget the top comments on the game’s live action trailer

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So tell us, do you wanna play?