Gamers Rally to Save a Life From Chronic Kidney Disease

In the end, there are still good gamers out there.


For several years, or rather since the popularity of internet forums and social media, there has been a thick underlining of animosity within the video game community. Tough discussions related to social issues in video games, and small and petty conversations about which piece of plastic is the best and why another fan base sucks, would lead onlookers to believe that we’re all immature, close-minded, and everything they strive NOT to be or become associated with. It seems that no matter what corner of the internet we visit we can’t escape the debauchery, but there are still gamers out there that DO care about the well being of those that share the same passion as them – regardless of their video game preferences, ethnic or gender identification, or life circumstances. This week there will be a live streaming event in the name of a fellow gamer, Denisse Takes, from a community of gamers with hearts of gold.

Denisse has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. She doesn’t know if her kidneys will fail to work by the end of the year or end of the week and she is in dire need of a donor and constant medical assistance. Featured in the video below is Denisse explaining her situation and why finding a donor means so much to her. She expresses that due to health concerns, she and her husband have not been able to expand their family.

The live streaming event that her friends will be holding for her will be live here. If you’d like to donate to her cause, please check this GoFundMe link. The streaming schedule is below. Here’s a statement from Denisse’s GoFundMe page.

Denisse Takes is a gamer. She was diagnosed with  chronic kidney disease last spring. Her kidney function has been slowly dropping since, and she has still not yet found a kidney donor. Denisse is currently avidly searching for a donor, but has not had luck. Her illness also has prevented her from starting a family, and her other options of adoption or surrogate would be very expensive and dangerous, and she is unsure yet as to whether that  possibility is viable.

The gamer friends of Denisse will be streaming for 6 days in a row in order to raise money to help her pay for her increasing medical expenses, and possibility of starting a family. While she needs more than $2, 000, we figured any amount of money to send her would be helpful. This fundraiser will also help to advance the search for a kidney donor, and so we ask that you share this cause with anyone you can.


If you know someone who is also looking for a kidney donor or is looking to donate a kidney, please follow the UCLA Living Donor Information page.

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