Games We Forgot Were Coming


In the wake of the 8th generation we have been so excited about what these consoles can do for us on a technical level that we’ve forgotten that first and foremost these consoles are vessels created to give us the experiences that only our imaginations can fathom. There have been some awesome games announced in recent memory that have somehow gotten lost in the hub-bub of the console wars. I want to take the time out to highlight these titles and hopefully give them the spotlight that has dwindled on them.



Released on the very same day as the PlayStation 4, this whimsical little game made exclusively for the PlayStation Vita has not gotten its fair due. Being one of the main titles that makes this Nintendo loyal want the handheld as soon as possible, it makes me sad that this game has been over looked. Tearaway’s art style is a refreshing breath of air in a world full of grey, brown, camo green, and “mature themes”. With enough hype and realizing that this title is the lovechild of the amazingly creative brains at Media Molecule, it could easily be a pivotal point in the PS Vita’s lifespan. Bringing to the table the perfect use of the Vita’s features, such as the back touch pad, it’s a shame that this title isn’t on everyone’s wish list.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem


This game stirred up so much hype from a mere title screen and character stills. Intelligent Systems nor Atlus have made a peep about this games since its announcement at Nintendo’s January Direct. The game doesn’t even have a teaser trailer. It goes without saying that when this games does have official footage or an advertisement of some sort, gamers will remember again. And it will be marvelous. My experience with Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS has me excited. It is the only turn-based RPG that my ADHD can currently tolerate. Hopefully the Wii U crossover will be on par with Awakening or an even better experience.

Yoshi’s Yarn


I love Yoshi! Ever since Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (SNES) and Yoshi Story (N64), I have had a very good relationship with this adorable, carnivorous green dinosaur. Honestly, I’m not particularly crazy about the art direction, but like many Nintendo games, playing the actual title can change ones opinion. We have heard nothing about Yoshi’s Yarn since Nintendo’s January Direct. As there is also a sequel to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island in development for the Nintendo 3DS, I hope that the Wii U title isn’t now vaporware.



I hate to say this, but, “YES! I finally get to play Halo with my dual shock!” After seeing more footage of Destiny, I immediately went to my local GameStop to pre-order. I even got a nifty poster to boot. This game will be one that I’ll readily sink my heels into as soon as it is released. If the community for this game is as big as its potential, I foresee myself enjoying this title for many, many months until my ADHD kicks in of course.

Yoshi’s Island 3DS


Being the sequel to arguably the best adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom, it has big shoes to fill. I can’t wait to protect that crying baby once more. Though, seemingly, a game that most Yoshi fans have been waiting for, I don’t hear many people talking about it.

Sunset Overdrive


Sunset Overdrive was announced at a time when gamers weren’t too keen on Microsoft and their corrupt policies. Since those dark days, Microsoft has changed its tune. In light of all of the commotion, the games announced for the Xbox One haven’t been getting much attention. Made by one of my personal favorite development companies, Insomniac Games, I hope that this title conveys that savvy style that Insomniac is known for.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare


Another game buried in the initial Xbox One uproar is Plant vs Zombies 2: Garden Warfare. The unique turn that this game has made for this particular iteration has people intrigued everywhere. This game brings with it hilarity and chaos and I absolutely love it. Whenever I can get my hands on an Xbox One, I will be sure to add Garden Warfare to my library.

Monolith Soft’s “X”


Monolith Soft’s “X”, made a big splash in Nintendo’s January Direct conference. Ever since MS and Sony announced their next generation offerings at their own conferences, this game has definitely gotten lost in the conversation. Assumedly, the sequel to one of the best RPGS of the 7th generation, Xenoblade Chronicles, it’s puzzling to see that those who are continuously excited for this game are a niche, yet vocal few. Hopefully Monolith will give us more details on this upcoming title to get the hype flowing once again.

The Order: 1886


Being made by one of the best names in gaming, Sony Santa Monica, I’m really surprised that many people aren’t mentioning this game when talking about anticipated PS4 titles. I have a feeling that more footage, screens, and details about the game will change that. The small teaser alone has me interested in the possibility of what the game has the potential of being. Hopefully I won’t be let down and this game will be everything that I expect from the company developing it.

What games are you all looking forward to that you feel have been over looked? How do you feel about my list? How do you feel about the titles you’d like to see or are excited to see for 8th generation?


Let me knows in the comments below!
  • OMG DESTINY…want so badly (for PS3)…I talk about this so much whenever someone mentions it I get the feeling that you’re all tired of hearing me talk about it XD I would preorder it but I have to pay for Tales of Symphonia collectors edition XD I’ll pick it up later for sure. Monolith’s ‘X’ makes me sad that I don’t have a Wii U…seriously that game is right up my alley, bright colours with mechs, I love that stuff to the max.

  • Girl, you and I will be playing Destiny TOGETHER! I can’t wait! I’m not a big RPG person, but the mechs make me want this game lol. Hell , I’m just excited for new shiz!

    Off topic: That Tearaway screen is sssssooooooo inviting! <3

  • I never thought I’d say this but Plants vs Zombies looks like so much fun!! and I’m pumped for Destiny as well! I hope to play with many of you!

  • I’m really excited for Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, Yoshi Island and PvZ! Also The Evil Within is going to be my top most anticipated forgotten game for the year! :3

  • You know what game I slept on until yesterday….Thief.