Good Robot – Gooder than those other robots


Good Robot is the newest game from Pyrodactyl games, creators of Unrest  and Will Fight For Food. Good Robot is a simple game that plays well and is aesthetically pleasing.

“In 2031, humans could no longer survive on the Earth’s surface. PyroCorp saved the world by building massive underground cities with their army of intelligent robots. Everything was fine – until one day, when the robots lost their minds and killed all humans. As the only remaining Good Robot, you must save PyroCorp from any lawsuits that might occur.” – Pyrodactyl

In Good Robot you move through randomly generated labyrinth levels as you strive to get the highest score. At the end of each level you can choose your path from three random options. The colour of the door indicates the difficulty, green being easier enemies to red being the hardest. You go until you die, collecting different primary and secondary weapons from the enemies you kill along the way. As you collect currency in the game you can use it at stations to upgrade your skills, movement, damage, sight and etc. There are also hats. Lots of hats. They give you additional stat bonuses and last until you get hit once, then sadly your hat will fall off. It’s worth noting that each subsequent upgrade you make to your robot will be more expensive than the last, making you really choose which you will need earlier and later based on your play-style. Later levels pose much more of a challenge, even if you pick the ‘easy’ route so if you are a fan of bullet hell games, you should look into this game!goodrobothats

The control scheme in Good Robot is quite simple. left joystick to move, right joystick to shoot. Anywhere you point you will shoot constantly until you stop pressing the stick in any direction. You also have a secondary weapon on your shoulder button, and that is it. The rest is just ‘pause menu’ and ‘confirm’ or ‘back’. It’s a very simple game to pick up and put down easily. You can also save in the middle of a run at any time, leading to an added ‘continue’ option when the game is started up again from the main menu.

The music and sound effects in the game are great. The music accurately fits the atmosphere of the game and the sound effects of the guns are juicy and responsive. I love the art direction in the game with the dark contrast of the character and the level. The backgrounds are multi-layered which gives great depth to an otherwise 2D shooter.

If I have one gripe about the game it is that sometimes when you begin shooting in one direction it is not an instant switch to the direction you want it to go. This is literally the smallest thing but it’s the only thing I could say. Everything else looks and feels great. It’s a simple game, but one that will have competitive gamers coming back to it. Overall, it’s a score-based continuous game. Also, who doesn’t love a robot in a pope hat? Or a samurai hat, or maybe the halo? CAT EARS?!

Good Robot by Pyrodactyl games is now available on Steam

Pyrodactyl games on Twitter!

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