GoPro To Announce Partnership with Microsoft


The International CES in Las Vegas, NV was an amazing experience. There were many booths I was able to check out and one of them was GoPro.

goproGoPro is a brand of personal cameras that capture life experiences in clear, beautiful HD. Mountain bikers, snowboarders, and marathon runners are just some examples of where GoPro is used best. The user can wear or mount the lightweight cameras to their head, shoulder, or even to a vehicle such as a bike or car. It gives the viewer a view like no other, as if they are really there in the action.

As I made my way though the booth, I noticed there was an Xbox One on one of the counters so I asked a representative on how it relates to GoPro.  I was able to find out that a partnership between GoPro and Microsoft is on its way. It is yet to be announced but it is confirmed that Microsoft will stream GoPro videos to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

“What this is about, is distributing our content. It’s another way for people to watch our videos. They’ll be able to watch on the Xbox. So, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.”

I went on to ask the representative if viewers can watch peoples videos around the world, if it was a user upload system such as YouTube.  He said, “No. It’s our GoPro videos.” and that “some of them are content that we see on YouTube and we are like “”Wow, that’s an awesome video”” and the uploader will be asked if the video can be used on the GoPro channel.

I was liking the idea I quickly made up in my head of users being able to upload their own videos, sort of like a YouTube service so when he confirmed “No,” I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, GoPro videos are great to check out but again, this isn’t gaming related for Xbox. So, I imagine gamers complaining about Microsoft throwing their money around again. I would like to see  those who use GoPro at events such as CES, E3, PAX and perhaps gaming tournaments to see their point of view. Now that would be great! We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think about the partnership between Microsoft and GoPro? Let us know!
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  • Ken

    I agree that gamers will complain that there are no video game related content. But I like what you said “those who use GoPro at events such as CES, E3, PAX and perhaps gaming tournaments to see their point of view.


    Eh, I guess it would be kind of cool, but I personally don’t see the point. I don’t see anyone downloading a dedicated Go Pro app when they can just watch the videos via Youtube.