Grand Theft Auto Online Launch


The Grand Theft Auto Online launch is just a few hours away (at least from Eastern US standard time) for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Rockstar Games just released GTA Online Game Day Access information and other details which I will outline for you.

Social Club Website

  • Rolling out tomorrow to the Social Club website is a community full of GTA Online game tips and other community support features. Tutorials will be added and updated throughout the life of GTA Online.


Procedure for Accessing GTA Online

  • GTA Online is free with your copy of Grand Theft Auto V.
  • On October 1st, 2013, a download for the game is available to install from PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. To download, just start the game and the download will come through.
  • You’ll have direct access to GTA Online through the GTAV menu once the download and installation is finished.
  • You can also access GTA Online via the 4th (bottom) slot in your character wheel.
  • The general timeframe for launch is October 1st at 7AM EST, however, to keep updated, just visit Rockstar’s Newswire, their Twitter and Facebook profiles for confirmation of availability.

Grand Theft Auto Online Time Period

  • Some fans asked when does GTA Online take place. It takes place a few months prior to the events of GTAV’s single player story.

Keeping your havoc safe from “Griefers”

  • GTA Online has house party invitation to invite friends to each others’ pads. The invited guests cannot mess up your house, steal your cars from the garage, shoot up the place, and otherwise cause their own havoc while they are guests in your home.
  • For players owning the same properties and get invited to each others’ homes, you’ll be able to enter your own personal instance of the property at any given time as well as each others’ instances. This is for any given lobby you enter and able to handle multiple instances of the same properties.

Purchasing Power

  • All players have to rank up in Reputation Points in order to access and purchase high-end items in GTA Online.
  • No player can start GTA Online and start purchasing to have a leg up in the game.
  • You also have to play to unlock clothes, guns and other items.
  • Using your hustling knowledge such as robberies, stickups, winning races, and other profitable activities to earn GTA$ is encouraged. These areas along with everything else will be tweaked accordingly to increase fair gameplay and fun.

GTA Online Jobs

  • Over time, Rockstar Games will have a massive roster of jobs for players to engage with.
  • Soon, players will be able to add content to the GTA Online world by creating such things as Race and Deathmatch jobs using a Content Creator tool that will be released this fall.

Character Creation

  • Character creation in GTA Online is a multitude of options and uses a family tree.
  • You choose your gender, then your mother and father. Next, choose genetic dominance for one parent or leave them evenly matched.
  • After your heritage is created, you adjust a set of lifestyle variables that finely tunes your character’s appearance and starting stats. You can adjust things like sleep patterns, party indulgence, honest work versus illegal activity, and more.
  • Your also able to adjust the genetics of your avatar and preview the final character design of your choice.
  • Once the character is created, you can further customize the avatar with clothes, hair styles, and accessories.

Exclusive Social Club Features

  • New Crew features including but not limited to Crew colors and customizations.
  • GTA Online Jobs: publish playlists and bookmark jobs
  • Character Customization: John Marston Parent
  • Unlockable Weapon and Vehicle: Sawed-Off Shotgun and Annis Elegy RH8
  • Overall: Players get access to weaponry and vehicle unlocks, a whole new suite of Crew features to represent and coordinate with your squad, and special tools to get the most out of Rockstar Jobs and user-created Jobs

Additional Information

  • First ever GTA Online Social Club Events later in October which will have special Event Playlists curated by Rockstar, reserved in-game license plate awards for top players, and more.
  • View the new updated Social Club Website.
  • Send feedback to and in the GTA Online Suggestion Box board at the forthcoming Social Club Forums.


Overall Opinion of What’s Coming to GTA Online

Rockstar Games seem to have thought of the major things that players would definitely enjoy in GTA Online. They even thought of some nuisances that would plague some players in certain areas of the game. One thing that comes to mind is would cheats still work in GTA Online. I haven’t used any cheats in GTA V but I am wondering if that is even allowed on GTA Online. I sure hope not.

I particularly like the addition of Jobs available. At some point you will get sick of just doing anything you want without a focus, so this addition definitely adds a replay value to the game.

I have seen a similar character creation system as deep as this one but it was an educational game for the PC. It should definitely be fun to play around with especially since you can preview the character before the final decision.

I know that the recruitment for social clubs are crazy but remember this: only join social clubs if you have dedicated time to it and try not to join more than two. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to with all the activities you can do in GTA Online. Also you don’t even have to join a social club to enjoy the GTA Online world but if you want a crew to join, feel free to request an add for my clan, Onslaught Of Silence aka OOSC.


Have any thoughts about GTA Online, Crew Management, Social Club Features and/or overall gameplay experience? Share them in the comments or in the GTA Online group forum!


Source: Rockstar Newswire

  • Great info here for the GTAV online! and I’m with you, hopefully people cannot use cheats!! I’ve never played a GTA online so this will be my first.

  • Thank you Erica! You should join my crew!

  • GTA Online is off to an expected rocky launch give them about a week to get it together!

  • I should say so as well. And I definitely will.