Help Sony Develop H1Z1 From Your Chair


You sit there, right there in that very same spot. Perhaps it is the fact that this chair has become such a constant, homeostatic element in your life. That piece of furniture has become your sanctuary. The butt-divet accepts none other than you. You indulged in that one extra cheese ball in that very seat; why not indulge in some game development? Sony Online Entertainment is offering Early Access Alpha-stage testers of “H1Z1” the opportunity to do just this in the development of their newest survival title.

Apocalypse survivalists, grab a friend and some perishables; you won’t be leaving that seat anytime soon!

“H1Z1”, the highly anticipated Survival MMO from Sony Online Entertainment, is rumored to release for Early Access on Steam sometime this month. Although no information is completely set in stone as of yet, we do know that a PS4 release is approaching and will definitely come on the heels of the PC release; perhaps some time later. Developers currently working on the game, such as Adam Clegg, want the Early Access version to be as polished as possible for a game releasing first in Alpha format.

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As with other titles released in recent months, a greater emphasis has been placed on what the players want to see in the game. The small team of Sony developers working on the game encourage testers to think outside of the box with new features and share as much input as they possibly can. “H1Z1’s” official site lets fans know just how they can go about getting involved, “The best place to make your voice heard is on our Reddit page. Here you’ll be able to have 1-on-1 communication with the development team. The team checks the page regularly and will give you feedback on your ideas. Our Reddit LINK page is a place for brainstorming and collaboration. There are no bad ideas!”

“H1Z1 is taking a bold new approach to game development. We’re making YOU the developer. There are tons of ways to get directly involved in the development of H1Z1.”-Sony Online Entertainment

From what various press releases reveal, a plethora of specific character customization options will make an appearance. Race, gender and bodily detail options will set “H1Z1” apart from competing survival releases. So much attention was focused on character variety that some feel ultimate character design was overlooked. What the game lacks in character design, it makes up for in player freedom. Gamers can expect a very open experience not confined to a single storyline where anything from constructing a base to gathering seeds is fair game.

Should you wish to watch a bit of gameplay prior to participating in the alpha, here’s a recent livestream.

Will you be helping Sony out? Have any pre-Steam Early Access thoughts? Share them below!