Hyper Light Drifter at PAX Prime 2015


Fan-girling aside – no wait, that’s really what I’m here to do anyways, so let’s go!

First off, I don’t think you all know how excited I was to shake the hands of the creator, Alex Preston, and the team on Hyperlight Drifter. Definitely a highlight for me and I feel so lucky to have met everyone at the booth although I missed a couple of people, I think. I hope that there will be many more chances to meet them all again in the future!

The game still looks stunning. I didn’t get to play the PAX demo unfortunately but talking with the lead designer of the game was hype enough for me to not care if I didn’t get to play the game just yet.

Hyper Light Drifter Q&A on the Showfloor

Q: How has the gaming community responded to the game so far; has it been mostly positive?

A: Oh yeah, the community is awesome. Of course you’ll get the odd haters who are like “Why isn’t the game done yet? What’s taking you so long?” but we’re only a group of 5 people working on a massive game so of course it’ll take a long time. But yes, overall everyone’s been positive about it.

Q: If you had the choice, would you put the game on Kickstarter again or would you want to pitch it to a publisher?

A: I’ve pitched things before but honestly, I would do Kickstarter again. It’s closer to a bigger audience than conventional means, I think, and it’s closer to the community which is something that I wanted to be involved with. I put out monthly updates on the game, something that I couldn’t have done if we were with a bigger company. We also would have had less control over the direction of the game if we were with a large publisher which I didn’t want either.

HLD_Screenshot_BETA_eyesQ: If the game is received well enough by the community, could there be a sequel to Hyper Light Drifter? I know it’s a bit far in the future to think about but, what’s next for you guys?

A: I definitely want to keep making things after this, maybe something different with the same core elements, but I wouldn’t completely say no to something Hyper Light Drifter-related. As a creative type though, I definitely want to keep creating content, but we’ll have to see what that turns out to be.

Q: Is there any dialogue in the game at all or is everything told through visual queues?

A: Everything is told visually. Things in the world itself that you have to find and observe for yourself as well as the areas themselves. There are NPCs that talk to you in the game, but the speech-bubbles just have pictures of things in them so it’s still visual. It’s more about the experience of the world and understanding it as you move through it rather than something telling you about it via dialogue.

Q: Is there any more emphasis on any aspect in the game? Was the style and look of the game the priority?

A: Everything was important in creating the game, there wasn’t any one aspect that was stronger than the other. It was more of creating a synergy of everything to come together.

Alex reassured me that things have changed, not drastically, but gradually throughout the process from the beta that they showed the world months ago to the current demo.

Hyper Light Drifter releases in Spring of 2016 for PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. There is no set date as of yet.

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