InFamous: Second Son Will Have No Multiplayer


While Infamous: Second Son may be a little less than two months away from hitting retailers, recent news about the upcoming PlayStation exclusive has been relatively empty. However, an interesting update was announced recently by Sucker Punch.

According to Ken Schramm, the game’s brand development director, Second Son will not feature a multiplayer mode. This may come as a bit of a disappointment to fans who imagined a multiplayer mode where players could create their own conduit and fight against others online.The original Infamous had no multiplayer mode either, but it’s 2010 sequel had an online mission creation mode, where players could make scenarios/levels a la Little Big Planet, and share them online for others to try out. This mode was not popular with gamers, as it featured lengthy loading times and failed to bring anything new to the franchise.

Infamous: Second Son will be the first major release in 2014 for the PS4 Image Courtesy of AcerSense on Deviantart.
Infamous: Second Son will be the first major release in 2014 for the PS4
Image Courtesy of AcerSense on Deviantart.

Some fans of the series were hoping Second Son would deliver a real multiplayer experience, where users could customize a character and powers, and duke it out against other players on various maps.

Sony also recently released new artwork of character designs. The pictures featured lead character Delsin, followed by a new female face (who has a bit of a resemblance to Kuo in Infamous 2) named Fetch.

Another character, Reggie, rounds the list. Two final pictures include designs for new enemy types- the Knight and the Pawn. An insignia behind them says “Department of Unified Protection”, indicating they are government forces of some sort.

This enemy type is a radical change from previous entries in the series, where enemies were almost always derived from gangs, mercenary groups, and other baddies. If Second Son continues in the franchise’s footsteps, gamers should expect to see at enemies from at least three different factions (think the Reapers, Dust Men, and Kessler’s First Sons in the original Infamous).

More information is to come as the March 21 release date draws near.

Sources: IGN; Images also courtesy of IGN

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  • I actually think this is a good thing. When I played the first Imfamous, I never thought of including a MP mode into the game. I always thought they should’ve been focusing their time making the actual game world more involved and full of life. Plus if you add a MP mode to a game that hasn’t been known for that, you run the risk of it failing, and thus wasted resources (example: Tomb Raider 2013). If they were to add some form of MP to this game, I think maybe a co-op feature might’ve worked.