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Interview with Mr. Scotty Mac

Mr. Scotty Mac is one of the founding co-hosts of popular Magic: the Gathering podcast The Eh! Team; which set the bar of what a successful MtG podcast should sound like. He also has the popular MtG stream, Mastering Magic, which is live Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm Eastern Standard time. Last year, Mr. Scotty Mac was a member of the community team in the Magic: the Gathering Online Community Cup. Mr. Scotty Mac and I  discuss the origins of the Eh! Team, what it was like being a part of the Community Cup, and share some spicy stories.

My name is Amanda and I am a nerd. This fact will taint everything that will ever come out of my mouth. While I follow real world news, you would never know it. I prioritize most of my conversations around Magic the Gathering, anime, and League of Legends. Also, don't mention Green Lantern being gay to me, you will regret it.