Interview with Richard Lewis


On March 26th, I was afforded the opportunity to interview e-Sports journalist Richard Lewis. Richard is sort of a polarizing entity as far as those who like League of Legends goes. I say this not because the community either loves or hates him, which is true in of itself, but because the community happens to have selective memory about what he writes about.

Currently, Richard Lewis has found himself to be the target if ire due to his most recent articles about the moderators for the League of Legends subreddit. One article discusses the removal of a video discussing the shady marketing practices of WTFast after former e-Sports pro turned streamer Voyboy contacted the moderators. The other is a piece is about how the moderators of the League of Legends subreddit have all signed NDAs with Riot Games and the possible implications that can have. The LoL community doesn’t see the point to these articles. They see Richard as just someone stirring up trouble in the community just because. That he has no ethics and isn’t a credible journalist.

Which is funny, seeing as how the community praised Richard for uncovering a story about how European LCS team Meet Your Makers had been using strong arm tactics to force their mid laner, Kori, to stay on the team. There was no complaints about the ethics of his journalism then.

During the hour and change interview, Richard and I discussed how he went from journalism student in university to the an e-Sports journalist at The Daily Dot.