IronFall for 3DS: A Gears of War Experience on the Go

3445 was very fortunate in getting an interview from VD-Dev, makers of the upcoming title, IronFall, one of the few, if not only, third person shooters made from the ground up on the Nintendo 3DS hardware. IronFall will be a digital-only title currently slated exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. Special thanks to Fernando Velez, Technical Lead at VD-Dev for allowing us to conduct this interview!


SheAttack: What was the inspiration behind IronFall? What key elements will be the selling point of the game? (ex: story, gameplay, frame rate, etc.)

VD-Dev: Well, inspiration comes from Gears of War.  We have been Gears of War players since the first game and when we started to work on the IronFall engine, we decided to try to make a Gears of War-styled game.

Key elements will be solid gameplay. Technology is ok, frame rate is ok, now we want to spend all our time on gameplay, solid controls, etc. We also want to use the two screens of the 3DS for the gameplay, not only on mini games but also in the game. We also want to have a good story, with actor voices and lip-sync.


SA: Seeing as how the game prides itself on its technical aspects, what was the decision behind putting this game on the 3DS instead of a more capable system such as the PlayStation Vita? Any chance we will see IronFall on any of the home consoles?

VD: Well simply because it’s a love story between us and Nintendo handhelds since 20 years ago. We love the technical challenge and we are always having a lot of fun getting as much power we can from hardware.

We are a very small team so it’s hard for us to spend the same time on each console, so we work on one system only if we can spend a lot of time to understand each part of the hardware.


SA: What sets IronFall apart from other games currently on the Nintendo 3DS eShop?

VD: We hope you’ll have a AAA quality game experience for the price of a normal eShop game. Which we think is pretty cool.

SA: Tell us a little bit about how you all started working in the gaming industry.

VD: We started our first game when we were in school. The game was called Jim Power working on Amiga computers. We showed the game to a publisher and it was eventually in stores. It was an amazing experience to have a game sold in stores – we were very proud. This was in 1991. All other games we have done since then are on our website,

SA: What was it like working with Nintendo in regards to getting your game onto the eShop?

VD: We think that everybody is happy. The technological preview has been seen over 200,000 times on the internet in the last few days. That means a lot of people want this kind of game on the eShop…so Nintendo is happy, and we are happy.

SA: What game modes should we expect to see in the final version of the game? Will the game feature online play or multiplayer at all?

VD: You will have a main campaign of about 6 hours of gameplay with lots of things to do, as well as additional gameplay modes. Expect about 15 hours of gameplay to 100% the game.

We will do online multiplayer only if the game is a success, we are a very small studio and it’s hard for us to do everything at once.


SA: When is IronFall set to release on the Nintendo eShop?

VD: The game will be released in Spring 2014, when we are 100% satisfied with the progress of the game.

SA: Any important or special information you would like to share with our readers regarding IronFall for the Nintendo 3DS?

VD: We hope you’ll have a lot of fun playing IronFall. We have spent much of our time, days, and nights for 2 years and a lot of sacrifice working on this game. We have a lot of respect for all of our fans. We are always listening to what they have to say and we hope they will enjoy our game as well.

Thanks for all of your support! The support gives us wings to finish the game strong!

Be sure to check out the official IronFall Technical demo below!

Here are a few more details about the game, IronFall. How do you guys feel about this upcoming title for the 3DS, are you interested in seeing more?


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  • moe hunter

    looks like its going to be amazing cant wait

  • @Starchaser, I hope that the game does well so that they can put the resources into making this game playable online. We can get the MOP gang started once again! Bang bang!

  • Great job She attack. Really good questions.:-)

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  • A Gears of War on the 3DS? Hmm, could be very interesting, but I’m just curious how they’re going to implement the actual feel and controls of the Gears series with the 3DS layout. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a demo. Awesome interview 🙂

  • Hopefully it lives up to its inspiration. Shoot, hopefully they give us a review code too lol.

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