It’s the Climb – A Noob’s Guide to Gaining ELO


Vision Control & How You Can Do Your Part

Welcome to It’s the Climb, where I will share some knowledge about getting better at League of Legends. Some quick background about me. My summoner name is SageGnosis, I reside on the NA Server, and at the time of writing this I am Bronze 2. Now before you decide I am not a source to get information, slow down. I’ve been stuck in Bronze because, well, Bronze is hard. I made the mistake of doing my promos back when League was experiencing  DDoS problems at the start of Season 4  and played a lot of games without a full team. But in the past few months of actually grinding ranked games this is what my MMR looks like:

MMR done right

I’ve got to be doing something right. I hope at least. Either way, my rank shouldn’t disqualify my game knowledge. Technical play? Sure. Overall knowledge? Debatable.

This is edition is a shout out to vision. I’ve noticed something from having friends who don’t play ranked, are leveling up, or are brand new to the game. Vision is apparently hard. The fact that the tutorial doesn’t go into vision and vision control is an issue in itself. I understand why vision is scarce in low level games and low tier Bronze. Why spend 75G on a Stealth Ward when I can save that gold for an item? After all, I have this Warding Totem. I must be set. Besides, it’s the Support’s job to ward, isn’t it?

Well, if this was Season 3 I would agree with you. Warding used to fall on the back of the Support. But in Season 4, Riot drastically changed how vision worked. For one, no summoner can put down more than three Stealth Wards and no more than 1 Vision ward. So, saying that the only person who should be warding is the Support is kind of unreasonable. Why don’t we start with the basics. Here is the map of Summoner’s Rift.

lane break down Let’s return the concept of the Support doing all the warding. In the early game the Support’s job is primarily based around protecting the ADC and harassing the enemy bot lane. While doing this, the Support should be placing Stealth Wards in three primary locations. A bush in lane, Tri Bush, and the River. Well, there went the Support’s 3 Stealth Ward limit. Vision Wards will more than likely be placed at the bush right by Dragon pit.

Moving into the mid game, where the Support’s role switches to CC in team fights and vision control. Keeping vision clear on Baron is their primary job, though should be a team effort, and setting up wards to prevent flanks are key.  As soon as a Support has purchased their Sightstone, they should switch out their Warding Totem for a Sweeping Lens and eventually upgrade that to an Oracle’s Lens.

Now for all you Marksmen out there, this bit of advice is probably going to be scoffed at. But at some point, if you don’t buy a Stealth Ward and a Vision Ward at least once in the game don’t complain when you get flanked. Sure, you can yell about how people won’t peel for you. But if you’re not covering your own flanks with some sort of vision and then you die, it is your own damn fault.

Mid laners are probably the best non support roles at warding. It might be because their lane is the easiest to gank. So they have a good sense as to pre-mid game ward placement. After the end of the laning phase, Mid laners should swap out their Warding Totem for a Sweeping Lens. This will help clear vision but mainly sets them up for roams. Mid laners, here is a tip. Look at the map. Now you see the little route between the Contested Mid Lane and your own Mid Lane to the jungle? That is a great ward spot. A good Jungler will not always come from River bush. Just a thought.

Junglers. Hey friends. I’m one of you. I gained a lot of my ELO off of playing Jungle.  But I got to call some of you out.



If you aren’t warding, you’re Dora the Explorer. I used to be a Jungle main although I have recently switched to Support. Let’s think for a second. Who has the most free time to roam around, clear vision, and ward the enemy jungle? Who is not restricted to defensive warding of a lane? That’s right, it’s you fellow Junglers.

When I watch a Jungler’s inventory and never see them pick up a ward I seriously want to bang my head against my desk. First, you go for some counter jungling and die. Then blame the rest of us. Then, when we go to challenge objectives we die to death bushes thanks to lack of vision.

Honesty check. If you’re jungling, you have a lot of jobs on your shoulder. Buff control, objective control and timers, deep warding, alleviating lane pressure, ganks, and vision. That last bit? Pretty important. At all times, you should be maxed out on your ward limit. Remember, you are the second Support in a lot of ways. You can start with a Sweeping Lens like the game suggests. This allows you to set up easier ganks. You’re also one of the few roles that can early upgrade it to an Oracle’s Lens. Look, if you’re gold income. Don’t be. Remember, that’s why you have items that reward you for jungle farming. If you’re using your Conservation stacks wisely and contributing to objective control affording wards shouldn’t be an issue.

Top laners. Your lane is probably the weirdest. Your job is simply to not die, eventually take the tower, and keep the enemy Top from leaving lane. You’re not expected to be super fed. No one really expects you to roam. In the mid game? You peel for the carries and just be tanky. Vision role? Protect yourself from ganks.  In the mid game you help out with Baron control and flank warding.  Top can get away with not swapping for a Sweeping Lens, but if no one else has, you should do so. If your focus is split pushing, hold onto that Warding Totem.

I am aware that this isn’t super in depth nor is it any high tier stuff. But remember, not everyone is Gold or higher. Most of us are Bronze and Silver. And considering I don’t see any of this happening in those tiers, I guess it means that this isn’t common knowledge.

There is a pretty good thread on the League of Legends subreddit on when to exchange your Warding Totem by user TiberiusAudley. Otherwise, when it comes to gaining ELO remember this:

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