The Land of Terraria 1.3


So Many Things to Do and So Little Time

Recently I started to pick back up on (or become obsessed with) an RPG game that I had enjoyed about a year ago. Terraria is an RPG in a “Minecraft” type style, in which your mission is to ‘Dig, Fight, Build’ and so much more. With a thousand hours of gameplay and worlds to explore, it’s no wonder this game can become addic- I mean enjoyable, yeah that’s it, enjoyable. Let me start off by telling you some of the great features of this game.

You can chose your characters gender and set off on an adventure within your own generated world or jump into someone else’s world that they have generated. This can be a single or multiplayer game (I prefer single play. No one to mess up my game). The game can be played on the PC, Mobile (in which I have), and on console. Certain versions of the game have their own unique gameplay to them. For instance in the mobile version you cannot go fishing or collect animals, but in the PC and console version you can (which I can understand, but still think it sucks).

Many Changes to Explore…..and Some Glitches

Terarria 1.3 Build

There was recently a huge update available for download and I took advantage of this. When I first opened up the game after it finished updating, I was greeted with a plethora of changes. The graphics looked so much different than the original, the creatures were also changed, and so many more features were added as well as a new area to explore.

Unfortunately I could not explore any further, because my game restarted on its own. This has never happened before, but I ignored it thinking that my battery might be low or something similar to this. It still happens every once in a while and sometimes I lose some data because of this. I believe it is my Kindle doing this, but I digress. Sometimes this can annoy me, but it doesn’t take a huge chunk of data.

Other than these small glitches, the game itself is actually really wonderful. With new challenges and new bosses to fight, I’m super stoked in trying to explore and decide what to do next in this game.

Wondering What to Do in Terraria?

Terraria - Cover SheAttack.comWell, right now the game is still good and playable on my end, aside from these glitches. Despite all of this, I encourage you all to go and check out the game yourselves. Terraria is definitely worth downloading for only $10.00 or you can always hope to get lucky and download it for free on a free app day, which is where I actually got mine in the first place. I enjoy this game, sometimes a little too much, but nevertheless I still enjoy it. With so much to do in this game you shouldn’t get bored too easily. Check out this amazing game and tell me what you guys think about it. Until then- Happy Gaming!

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