The Last of Us “Left Behind” DLC Review


The Last of Us is most known for it’s memorable story and characters and was one of my favorite experiences last year. So, there was much anticipation for the single-player DLC “Left Behind,” released on Valentines Day. I played it and beat it that night and without giving away too many spoilers, here are my thoughts on the DLC.

“Left Behind” isn’t essential or necessary to the whole story, but it does give us a front row seat, bringing insight into Ellie and Riley’s friendship. During The Last of Us, Ellie reflected and remembered tragically losing Riley to the infected. “Left Behind” shows us the moments leading up to what happened, but also tells us the kind of friendship they had, the emotions they felt about each other and the situations they were in, while ultimately showing us how important they were to each other.

lastofusI really liked how “Left Behind” tied into the main story.  Throughout the DLC, there are two flashbacks which go back and forth. As Joel was hurt in the main story and Ellie kept him alive by finding medicine, she remembers her last day with Riley. In the beginning, it was a tad confusing, but by the end it all made sense and I felt it was written beautifully.

the_last_of_us_left_behind_5As for gameplay, the AI got a lot smarter and faster. I was really surprised with how much better the enemies responded to my movement. The enemy encounters felt fresh. I was even able to pin enemies against each other, with a little cleverness and sneakiness. Between the two flashbacks, one was packed with action and the other was packed with moments between the two girls. As they had fun together, so did I. Sadly, the fun comes to an end and how that happens is what you can look forward to seeing in “Left Behind.”

My only complaint? It was short, very short. I wanted to see how it happened, but I was left to assume. My first initial reaction was that I wanted to see the story go further but after thinking about it more, I was content with it ending where it did. Even though it felt like a tease, it did sum up Ellie and Riley’s last day together very well and how it ties in with the main story is something I recommend you see for yourself. I enjoyed “Left Behind,” but because it is not essential to the main story and only about 2 hours long, it isn’t a must have for everyone. If you love The Last of Us, and want more of it, then this is for you.


What are your thoughts on “Left Behind?” If you have not played it, are you planning to? Why or why not?
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