For the Love of Flappy Bird and Android Games


Update: The creator of Flappy Bird has threatened to take Flappy Bird off of the Play Store. Apparently, he is tired of the publicity that he is receiving due to the widespread popularity of this game. For those who have already downloaded it, enjoy it while you can! For those who have not, I’m sorry that you may miss out on this awesome title!

Apparently, there is a new drug craze on the Android “Play Store“, known as Flappy Bird. I decided to give it a try as I get a kick out of possibly addictive, free games like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds. Thanks to having to cut down on my gaming expenses and now living life on a budget, I’ve decided to get my entertainment from free games and apps; I get to enjoy the life of the casual gamer. To be fair, these games are very fun and addictive regardless of the “quality”. Gears Studios decided to create birds that look similar to Cheep Cheeps from Super Mario Bros. maneuvering around as many pipes as you can to earn the highest score. According to International Business Times, “Nguyen’s game inspiration came from Cheep Cheep in Super Mario Bros.”

IBT reports, “new smartphone addiction, ‘Flappy Bird’ is reportedly earning $50,000 per day. The sales figures were revealed on Feb. 5 by the game’s Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen.” As simple as this game might sound, requiring not-so-much brain power, but enough to tap the screen, the game is mesmerizing. After hearing that Flappy Bird was the new “go-to”, curiously, I decided to download the game onto my tablet and try it for myself. I found myself tapping the screen, dying at every second pipe, almost every time, until I started going further and getting better. Eventually, I made it to thirteen pipes realizing that an hour had passed. I couldn’t put my tablet down. This game kept challenging my ego, making me want to do better the next time. This game is like Pringles in gaming form – bet you can’t have just one (game).

Image courtesy of Mashable.

After spending another 35 minutes playing the game, I felt that flying between pipes, keeping at my pace was surprisingly therapeutic. When waking up, the first thing I grabbed for was my tablet and I began playing more of this game. After wasting another 30 minutes of my life, I wondered why these games are so addicting.

I believe that the apps on Android are just as popular as video gaming is on one of the popular consoles – if not more. I discovered there are even survival horror games that you can find on the app store. I am aware that the graphics are not as good as those on consoles, but the games are pretty decent, as well as affordable. Given the articles I’ve written, I’m sure you’ve gathered that I am a retro gamer. I live to play the classics, while still admiring modern games. Flappy Bird takes me back to the days of Super Mario Bros. being that the design of the game draws inspiration from Cheep Cheep. “‘Flappy Bird’ is incredibly simple and has several times been described as the ‘Drug of the App Store’ because of how addictive it is,” reports IBT. I guess I’m in too deep now to stop. I have a new addiction and it’s a big lipped flying fish getting smacked around by pipes trying to reach the highest score for bragging rights.

Have you been hooked by the Flappy Bird drug? What’s your opinion of this game and other Android games? Share your opinions in the comments below.


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