Maleficent Free Fall: Light The Board!


This month, we are celebrating our favorite villains here at SheAttack! Maleficent is hands down my favorite Disney villain and I have yet to see the new movie so in the meantime, I downloaded Maleficent Free Fall and had some quality time with it.

Maleficent Free Fall is a match three game much like Bejeweled, that is free to download for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Within the first few minutes of playing, I almost wrote the game off thinking “this has been done before.” However, as I continued playing, I was pleasantly surprised.  Maleficent Free Fall may look like a traditional match game but it has a magical twist, making it feel fresh. It is also very challenging, which is what ultimately kept me playing.

malllAs you follow the path of a young Maleficent, the goal of Free Fall is to “light the board” by matching threes in dark places of the puzzle, and you cannot progress until the entire board is lit. The puzzles become even more challenging when some of the puzzle pieces have chains that need breaking, as well as the dark board needing lighting. On top of that, there are a set amount of moves and once you run out, you will have to try again.

Once a level is completed, a “free fall” happens where extra bonuses are earned but if a level is failed, it costs you a life. If you run out of lives, you have to wait till they replenish or you can spend $.99 for more lives. You can also earn magic to unlock power-ups to help survive the puzzles.

Overall, I enjoy the game and it is good to pass the time.  As the levels became more difficult, I was even more satisfied when I succeeded, especially if I had only one move left. I definitely liked the challenge of having a set amount of moves and having to calculate my every move so it benefits the outcome. Being a free game, I was satisfied with it and will keep it in my library. If you are into match games, I definitely recommend trying it out.

Have you played Maleficent Free Fall? If so, what are your impressions of it? If not, will you check it out? Let us know!

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  • I wish you put more sarcasm into this saying its like the best game ever and stuff LOL XD those free games though, so addicting

  • Ericutz4thewin

    LOL Hey btw I’m working on my villain bracket tonight