MGS V: Ground Zeroes Looks Better on PS4; Xbox One Similar to 360/PS3


Today on YouTube, a graphics and quality comparison video for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has surfaced; comparing the PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4. When I had seen comparison videos like this in the past (Battlefield 4 for example), the differences between the Xbox One and PS4 were minor and for the most part, they looked very similar. This video however, there is a clear difference giving PS4 the edge.

The most staggering thing about this comparison video is that the Xbox One version looks more similar, not to the PS4, but to the Xbox 360/PS3. The textures, shadowing, and lighting are not much different, leading many to believe the Xbox One is the inferior next generation console. It’s competitor, the PS4, a whole $100 cheaper, seems to be outperforming the Xbox One in almost every way, especially when it comes to graphics and resolutions.

This week, we have learned that Thief will run at 1080p for the PS4 and 900p for the Xbox One, adding yet another game that the Xbox One will not run at 1080p while the PS4 will. For an updated resolution and frame rate comparison list, go here to be mind blown. We’ve also learned that Nvidia revealed that GTX 750 graphics cards run Titanfall better than the Xbox One. What makes it even more embarrassing is that the GTX 750 Ti is priced at $150 and GTX 750 at $119. Microsoft has been getting slammed by journalists and fans alike because of this. It seems like underwhelming resolutions and performance have become a habit of the Xbox One.

The PS4 and Xbox One are still young in their life cycles, but at what point does this become a problem? I usually look the other way when it comes to graphics and focus more on gameplay being the most important thing but this is getting ridiculous now. “Cheap-priced” graphics cards are outperforming the Xbox One, which might be acceptable right now with it’s life cycle just starting, but what about in 8-10 years? This will not be acceptable.

What do you think about the MGS V: Ground Zeroes comparison video? Are the graphics, resolution, and frame rate struggles hurting the Xbox One? Let us know!

Sources: VG24/7 | Dualshockers

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  • Yep. That extra hundred bucks sure is worth it… Maybe the “GLORIOUS POWER OF THE CLOUD” can save them.

    I wouldn’t really care much if the Xbone was 300 – 400 bucks, but this is a *500+* US dollar “NXT GEN!” console; *THE* most expensive console on the market, and it’s being outdone by cheaper options?

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  • Do people buy consoles for games or graphics? I have all three for there respective exclusives and tbh I couldn’t give a shit about resolution as if I’m not looking for it I can hardly tell the difference, jus enjoy which ever platform u have and get on with your life…..

  • Rodrigo

    lol. you trying to hide there that you are a xbox fanboy. I find you seemed offended. Can’t agree with some facts?

  • Said every fanboy ever, listen guy I like gaming its just getting ridiculas now as if u ain’t retarded then you clearly know that the PS4 is more powerful, not only do I like all of the respective exclusives each platform has or will have I also like each platforms unique capabilities…..I don’t follow the crowd I follow gaming.

  • Rodrigo

    I personnaly think all 4 version look the same. The ps4 might be better. This article is about xbox one being underpowered for is price. What i found weird is people knew that the specs were lower and they paid 100$ more. So they knew what they were getting. Still i would feel cheated if i had bought Xbox one…

  • these differences are so minor they give you a reason to stick to current gen then to go next gen.

  • Oh yeah, PS4 wins this one right here. Almost cried those graphics are so beautiful on PS4…Not a lot of change from Microsoft though.

  • You completely missed the point XD The point is they’re charging 500 US dollars for this “next gen” console when it is inferior to the cheaper competition. And we’re not even 3 months into the systems’ life yet.

  • omnipotentcris

    The XO is more than just a console and no matter what people say the kinect is totally justified inclusion….I use it daily and its flawless now after thr update and brings a new meaning to console gaming….simple as….

  • omnipotentcris

    And I also like everything being in one box….i ike being able to play on my PS4 through the XO then shift straight away into a XO game or go straight from a game into a movie, music internet and then strisgjt back into the game were it left off….

  • omnipotentcris

    If everyone was assed about graphics then no one would of bought a Wii or Mega Drive or original PlayStation…all inferior to the other consoles in there gen yet extremely popular and successful….

  • 1. People shouldn’t have been forced to buy a peripheral that they didn’t want. And some are *still* having problems with it.

    2. The Wii was the cheapest console of its generation. The Playstation was less expensive than the Saturn (both launched a good year or two before the N64). And i’m pretty sure there was a mere 10 dollar difference between the Genesis and the SNES.

    3. How did the Kinect bring a “new meaning to console gaming”? The 360 had a Kinect. The PS2 had the Playstation Eye Toy.

    Again, the point is forcing people to pay an extra hundred bucks has not proven itself to be a justified decision.

  • omnipotentcris

    I wrote a long reply but seem to have diasspeared before I could post so really can’t be assed now and I’ll finish by saying you’re an idiot, you’re talking shit and go eat you’re mum….oh and kinect actually works not like the piece of shit PS Eye was…there was motion gaming back on the Mega Drive but u dint seem to mention that did ya….The Kinect has succeeded where all other attempts have failed… can’t blame a piece of hardware for people being morons and not using or setting it up correctly, apart from that it will be defective units which all hardware releases have, the kinect is awesome and so is your dad….goodbye….

  • Thank you for proving how ignorant you are and allowing me to own your mind without ever having to resort to insults. Appreciate it.

  • I’m not ignorant I jus think pricks like u shouldn’t have the facility to breath, your a keyboard jock strap who pobablly jacks off to animal porn….people like u just annoy the shit out of me coz u bum one half of the team when in gaming there is no team only gamers and dickheads and you sir are a dickhead…..

  • Insults are a part of life…get over it….

  • kojima knows what hes doing girl