The Breakdown – MGSV: Phantom Pain and What You Need to Know

Kojima, kept you waiting, huh? Well tire no more! We've got the stuff!


After a recent video interview with Hideo Kojima, there has been news of special details about the ‘final’ installment of the Metal Gear Saga, MGSV: Phantom Pain, that mentions its release date for September 1st later this year. There were also mentions of the multiplayer, Snake’s character in this game, and of course details about the game’s special collector’s edition.

As I stated in my opening statement, indeed, this will be the ‘final’ installment of the series, as Kojima stated that “in sense this will be the last Metal Gear Solid…even if the Metal Gear franchise continues, to me, this is the last Metal Gear.” Of course being apart of the Metal Gear Series there will always be a Metal Gear in the game. He explained that since the game takes place in 1984, there will be another Metal Gear mech, based on a 1984 vision of future technology. In terms of Snake, he will be less talkative, more like a silent protagonist, meaning less spontaneous comments and flirting. He will be an extension to the player like an alter ego and the characters around him will be expanding the story.

As a story driven game, the gameplay will be semi-episodic as players play through chapters gaining new story bits, piecing together the plot themselves. Every player will get different experiences depending on how they play the game. In terms of online multiplayer, it seems as though players will of course have their own mother bases that they will be developing over time. Eventually the world opens up where you can interact with other player’s bases and you can either compete or join up as allies.

According to Kojima, because most devices are connected to the internet, he wanted to take advantage of this therefore allowing players to interact with one another while being intertwined with the story gameplay.multiplayer_zps8xa8bugwFor those of you interested in knowing about what will be coming with the game’s collector’s edition, here’s a list of the nice physical items you’ll receive.

  • Half-scale Replica of Snake’s Bionic Arm
  • Collectible SteelBook
  • Behind-the-Scenes Documentary and Trailers Blu-Ray Disc
  • A Map
  • Exclusive Packaging

And of course some digital content to help make the gaming experience even better.

  • Weapon and Shield Pack (Windurger S333 Comba Special Weapon, Adam-ska Special Weapon, Maschinen aktische Pistole 5 Weiss Special Weapon, Rasp Short-Barreled Shotgun Gold Special Weapon, and a Personal Ballistic Shield in Olive Drab, Silver, White, and Gold)
  • Cardboard Box (Rocky Terrain, All-Purpose Dryland, and Wetland)
  • Snake Costume (Fatigues in Black Ocelot, Gray Urban, Blue Urban, and All-Purpose Dryland)
  • “Venom Snake” Emblem
  • Metal Gear Online XP Boost
  • MGO Items (Metal Gear Rex Helmet, Golden AM MRS-4, and Golden WU S.PISTOL)

Bonus! If you’re willing to spend a lot but not too much for the Collector’s Edition there will be a slightly cheaper bundle called the “Day One Edition” which comes with a Physical Map and mostly Digital Content, it will contain the following.

  • A Map
  • Adam-Ska Special Weapon
  • Personal Ballistic Shield (Silver)
  • Cardboard Box (Wetland)
  • Fatigues (Blue Urban Snake Costume)
  • Metal Gear Online XP Boost

MGSVAre you excited for the newest installment of Metal Gear? Tell us how you feel below!