Microsoft Announces Self-Publishing on the Xbox One!


Xbox One

Indie developers are rejoicing! Microsoft has officially announced plans to allow self-publishing on the Xbox One.  To make it even sweeter, the Xbox One can even be used for development. Think of the Xbox One as your very own dev kit! Marc Whitten, corporate vice president at Xbox released this statement, “Our vision is that every person can be a creator.”

More details are to come at Gamescom in August but for now what we do know is that Microsoft will allow self-publishing within the console’s first year and it will not be available at launch.

Prior to this announcement, Microsoft had raised many questions and concerns for the Xbox One and their relationship with indie developers.  Microsoft even released a statement that they had “no plans to release a new version of its dev tools,” so this led people to believe there would be little to no love shown to indie developers! Now we can put those doubts to rest.

Self-publishing puts a smile upon indie developers faces, especially those who published their games to the Xbox Marketplace. Up until now, Microsoft had policies for indie developers, which required them to publish their games through a third-party publisher or through Microsoft. Also, when it came to patches and updates, sometimes it took months to take effect because of waiting on Microsoft to approve them.

Now that self-publishing will be allowed on the Xbox One, it will be a lot easier for indie developers to publish their games and a much more straight forward process.  There are of course skeptics out there thinking that there will definitely be strings attached which could include fees the developers will have to pay.  But for now, let us embrace this as good news for Microsoft and the Xbox One.

Source: Polygon

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  • Great article, Erica! That’s actually a really dope feature. I’m sure there are people that will see this as a very enticing reason to buy this console. Hopefully this console can redeem itself in the eyes of the public. Ever since the DRM policies have been reversed, I think the next step would be adding the ability to turn Kinect off lol.

  • Well written =)

  • Daniel “jr”

    It is great, huge. Just like in the music scene, we can have our own studio in home and do our own smart proactive “publishing” marketing via social media, YouTube etc.. Next big thing could be subscription base for your music. Anyway these big companies need “indies” A saturated market with less and less unique IP’s…what a good move. It’s only gonna get better with time and creativity. X1 day one.