Miley Cyrus Owns a Wii U – We Have Proof


Miley Cyrus, the “good-girl-gone-bad” with sexually charged lyrics and performances that only a father of…equally questionable character can be proud of, has posted a picture of herself in an animal-hoodie thing and sporting a…Wii U pro controller? Before all of you gamers out there spew your hatred against this controversial young figure, I think it’s kind of cool that she of all people plays video games just like the rest of us. By no means is she a savior nor a beacon of hope shining more light onto the popularity that video-game-dom has become in the last decade, but it’s definitely…interesting to say the least when celebrities prove that they too are just regular, every day people. Naturally.

Miley Cyrus

The funniest thing about this photo is that the many clueless commentors mistook it for an Xbox One controller. Good job, Nintendo. People still don’t know that you have a new console on the market. Good game, no rematch.

Like a wrecking ball indeed, Miley. I’m beginning to wonder now if there was a Chain-Chomp attached. Go you!

I promise we aren’t a celebrity tabloid website. This was just too funny to pass up!

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  • DiGiTaLM4N

    This is so wrong! LOL

  • Foxeh Shihōin

    them comments though..

  • Kionashi

    ewwww i feel the need to wash my Wii U now…