Minecraft Story Mode – Telltale, Mojang Bring Minecraft to Life


By far, my favorite part of PAX Prime was the undeniably cool Telltale Games booth which feaured their upcoming release of Minecraft Story Mode expected later this year. You may know Telltale from their past games such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and most recently their Game of Thrones and Tales of the Borderlands series. If they are known for anything, it would be the memorable characters, engrossing storylines and plot twists that have you sitting in front of your screen either shaking your fists in anger, crying in anguish over beloved characters or just laughing at the hilarity of certain choices that you are able to make during play-throughs.

What stuck out the most about this booth dedicated to Minecraft is how much it actually looked like something that would have come straight out of that world. There were bookshelves, potions, working levers and even a fireplace inside! I mean how cool is that? There was a chest for stashing all of your loot, like those diamonds that took forever to find, and the floor looked so unbelievably real I felt like I was actually in a game world.

Minecraft: Story Mode

Telltale partnered with Mojang for this episodic series centering around a new Minecraft player named Jessie and his friends as they attempt to save their world. The gameplay is very similar to that of the original Minecraft and still has many of the same elements in regard to building and crafting, but also will feature combat and ‘quick time events’ – which are prevalent in other Telltale games. I would also like to point out while Telltale is known for pivotal events that occur during gameplay such as character deaths and some violent fight scenes, Minecraft Story Mode is family friendly. This means, that while the choices that you make will still be emotional, they just won’t be as gritty and will not contain mature themes. There will probably be many jokes and humor geared toward every age group and I’m actually very curious to see how that pans out.

The developers took many of the environments from the open world of Minecraft for this game and many of the creatures featured in the sandbox world will still be roaming around here too. That nostalgic feel will certainly be there along with the classic Telltale point and click aspect of playing. However, don’t expect to go off running into the distance or to build crazy sculptures and buildings because that’s not really the point of this Minecraft tale.

If you’re looking for a game to sink into with new characters to grow attached to, then I highly recommend checking this one out. Let’s face it, Telltale never disappoints and I am very eager to see the finished product. Minecraft is beloved by so many, and adding the story element will surely make for a wonderful and timeless adventure for everyone. Especially when you’re in control of it all.

Minecraft Story Mode is slated for later this year for  PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android. It’s also rumored to be coming to Wii U.