Motiga on ‘Gigantic’: Xbox One and Windows 10 Integration Explained


At PAX Prime, we were very lucky to be invited to a closed demo with the Motiga Games team on Microsoft exclusive title, Gigantic. Gigantic boasts itself on 5 versus 5 frantic gameplay where each team looks to capture the opposing party’s gigantic guardian within their base. The characters in Gigantic are mechanically based off of the play styles of characters from different game genres. The thought process behind this decision was to ensure that Gigantic would be accessible to any type of player – whether they’re privy to shooters, action games, platformers, etc.

Creative Director at Motiga, James Phinney, discusses the potential of Gigantic going into eSports. He discusses that they are now developing the game to make it as great as they possibly can. Mr. Phinney notes that eSports is within the realm of possibilities depending on the community’s response to Gigantic. Also discussed in the interview is the partnership that they have with Microsoft and how they they plan on taking full advantage of the merger between Windows 10 and Xbox One in regards to  possible cross-platform interaction and bridging the gap between keyboard & mouse and controller players.

To check out the full interview, please watch the video below.

For more information on Gigantic, please visit the Gigantic official website and follow Motiga Games and GoGigantic on Twitter for updates.

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