Murdered Soul Suspect Hands-On Impressions – Pax East 2014


New IPs Are Always Good

Square Enix’s Murdered Soul Suspect isn’t what I expected it to be, especially after what I gathered from the launch trailer. After playing it for myself, I am still intrigued with what was presented at that booth this weekend. I played only a small segment of the game, as the show floor was about to close, but from what I did get a chance to play I’m thinking it will be one I enjoy thoroughly. One of the reasons I was so eager to get my hands on the game is because it’s new. Lately feeling the brunt of the first person shooter and action game frenzy, it felt nice to end my day with the slower pace introduced in Murdered Soul Suspect.

Hands-On Impressions: The Murder Scene

murdered-soul-suspect-hd-pictureFirst, visually the game looks pretty damn good. I’m not sure if the game was running on PC or PlayStation 4 development kits, but equipped with a Dual Shock 4 controller, I felt right at home. Right off the bat, my character proceeds to walk into an apartment building and up a flight of stairs. A short cut scene sets the tone for me. After the scene was over, I was thrown into, what seemed to be, the beginning of my story.  I, or the main protagonist, Detective Ronan O’Connor, retraces his steps to the events that occurred before his death. This leads him to an apartment where the crime took place. Detective Ronan O’Connor is a ghost and that hasn’t passed over to the other side.

In the apartment you see police tape and a number of clues on the bottom of the screen that you must find to answers to. Questions asked may say, “Why was the killer here?” As I explored the apartment further, I saw two women and two police officers. As a ghost you can do many cool things within the level. Standing next to them prompted me to choose different actions to perform. The first cool thing you can do is possess someone’s body. After taking over their bodies, another screen would prompt you, giving you the choice to read their thoughts, that being the second cool thing. After you read all of their thoughts and piece together the scene, the real fun starts. When making your way to the front door, a flashback happens directing you towards the area you were murdered. In this room you could actually see the killer going through a door way and an unknown woman taking cover behind a wall in the next room over. When you approach her ghost-like figure, a screen prompts you with a question, “What was the girl doing”? The answer choices were: hiding, ignoring, confident, fighting, interfering, frightened, watching, and calm. After deciding what you thought the girl was doing, you witness another cut scene and use the webbing system to learn her connection with the killer.

In Conclusion

From what I played, the gameplay is pretty smooth with no noticeable hiccups. Murdered_SoulSuspect_PS4_PS3_PackshotThe apartment’s design did seem a little bland, but I loved how seamlessly the character could pass through walls. The game is very slow paced which wasn’t a bad thing. The cadence and ghostly ambiance really sucked me into the experience.

In conclusion, I absolutely loved this game from top to bottom. Visually, although the game looks good, there was a lack of color variety and a lot of gray areas, which makes sense given the premise. The pacing in this game might turn some gamers off; is not like anything else out there. Murdered Soul Suspect has a unique plot and story, it’s a new IP that casts brand new characters, but if you like a variety of game types and originality, this might be for you. This game gave me a lot of similarities to Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and other story driven games that precede it.

Murdered Soul Suspect is to be released in June 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Did this impression of Murdered Soul Suspect paint a good picture for you? Is this the type of game you think you could get into?

Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Definitely sounds different but at the same time the ghost type of game has been done. That being said, I hope Square Enix delivers it in a way that captures people because of the story and variety of the story. 🙂